Prediction Correct – My Trump Eclipse Relationship Prediction Was Bang On

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trump eclipse
Melania has had enough. Credible, embarrassing sex scandals and taken their toll.

Trump’s relationships have been seriously undermined in this most recent eclipse cycle..

Based on the astrology, I predicted on January 24 that his marriage is effectively over, and actually it was BEFORE the eclipse. And it is only getting worse, not getting better.

I revisit my prediction about Trump’s relationship problems since the eclipse cycle started.
Paying off strippers, sympathizing with serial abuser Rob Porter – more sex scandals being reported.

I predicted then, and I will reassert the prediction now, I would not be surprised if Melania Trump left Donald Trump – and yes that means ” Filing for divorce”.

I’m not saying I think she will, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

At the very least, look for there to be separate living arrangements real soon.

Mueller Investigation
I also said, that once the Solar eclipse happened the Mueller investigation will get even more serious. Today (February 16, 2018) Mueller handed down 13 indictments against Russians. It gets harder and harder after this to keep calling it “Fake News” and A “Witch Hunt” as members of Congress and the country realize that this is a serious matter.
I break down the astrology of this, with his chart, and the eclipse charts in this video

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