October 2017 Forecast

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October 2017 Forecast

October 1 – 6
Mars and Venus will be in a close conjunction in Leo now. When Venus and Mars are closely joined, we can expect some conflict in our personal relationships. However, it can also show the aftermath, which is a reconciliation of the contentious issues at play. This close conjunction happens in Leo, which is a very individualized sign. Thus, we can expect there to be more contentiousness (at first) then conciliation. Be aware of your tendency to defend yourself now, and sensitivity to being unappreciated.October 2017 Forecast


October 5
Full Moon in Pisces is today. The full moon is the halfway point of the previous new moon, which in this case took place in Virgo. This full moon brings in more surrender and peace, in contrast to the more worried and controlling aspects of Virgo. We are always trying to harmonize our universal “trust in the big picture” with the need to manage and organize all of the details in our life. Notice a greater expansion and trust in your teachers now. Relax into those things that can’t be “measured” through the intellect and instead can only be perceived by connecting to the heart.


This full moon happens in Revati nakshatra, which is the shepherd energy. You need only relax and trust that and universal wisdom and the Divine mother will lead you home.


October 9-10
Now we have the exalted Moon in Taurus aspected by Saturn in Scorpio. This Moon in Taurus gives a lot of emotional peace and connection, but also perhaps some stubbornness. The aspect from Saturn in Scorpio reveals a deeper capacity for solitude and introspection. And yet, underneath it all, these are good days for connecting with our family and digging deeply into our values in all their forms. In fact, the aspect from Saturn in Scorpio will allow us to root out toxic patterns in order to improve our relations with others, toward a greater personal creativity.


October 13-14

Now the moon is joined Rahu in Cancer, which shows an almost obsessive focus on our emotions and feelings and the need to go deeper than the surface in order to find peace. This is the first time the moon will be joining Rahu since it entered cancer a couple of weeks earlier. Notice the strong desire to merge with others today and the potentially painful attachments that result. But also noticed the addictive quality of feeling and emotion and how sometimes any emotional connection can feed our soul. We are all emotional creatures, but many times rather than the emotions being the doorway into our heart and soul, they are just a roller coaster of drama, keeping us distracted on the path. This is why the “royal road” of feeling and emotion is “devotion” to something higher. Ride those waves of emotional intensity straight to the source now.

October 19
The new moon is in Libra with Jupiter and mercury today. This begins a 30-day cycle of Libra themes, which includes sharing beauty, values and ideas and compromising with others. Your own powerful individual identity will feel less important for the next 30 days as a result. This new moon is also joined Jupiter, the plaintiff hope and Mercury, the planet of communication. For the next 30 days it will be important for you to accommodate others’ views, adjust accordingly to them, and even be inspired to find consensus and common ground with them. However, as is always the case with Libra energy, we need to understand our own “no compromise zones” first. Otherwise our accommodation is just personal confusion in disguise, often with a vicious backlash later.

This new moon happens in Chitra nakshatra, which is ruled by the celestial architect. This Nakshatra in Libra shows where we are interested in building smooth relationships with others, seeing that as an important structure in our life.


October 22-23

The moon is joined Saturn in Scorpio now, showing a couple days of intense feeling and perhaps some paranoid emotions. Be careful not to give into your fears and those situations/people you can’t control now. Instead, go deeply into the heart, toward greater self-control and self-mastery. There is enormous stillness and peace possible now, but only if you can summon the courage to break through the icy surface of the heart.


October 26
Saturn returns to Sagittarius for the next 2 years, beginning today. We will see a refocusing of our duties and commitments now. A new cycle of hope and commitment to higher purposes and larger causes will emerge for the next couple of years. This may take the form of a cultural/political renaissance and/or a personal, spiritual Renaissance for you. This is a very important long-term shift that shows us motivated by what inspires us, rather than what we fear.

September 27, 2017

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