November 2012 – Finding Stable Ground With Others

Finding Stable Ground With Others

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The month starts off with a lot of hope and optimism as the Moon, Jupiter, and the South Node are in Taurus. The Moon is exalted here, bringing a more settled heart. Jupiter connects us to teachers and greater wisdom.

You may be feeling more conservative than usual on the US election day, November 6 – as Saturn in Libra aspects the moon in Cancer. Family values and financial concerns  may cause emotional stress. But it may also connect you to those things and people that matter the most.

Enthusiastically pursuing and defending our principles got easier on November 10 with Mars in Sagittarius for five weeks. It is not enough to believe in something, we have to put those beliefs into practice, through our daily routines. The discipline to put your teachings into practice is possible now.

It is a good time for meditation and quiet introspection on November 13, with the Solar eclipse / new Moon in Libra. Eclipses are intense, because they show moments when body (Earth), mind (Moon) to an soul (Sun) line up in three-dimensional space. Now, your connections with others, and maintaining healthy boundaries / your sense of individuality becomes important. This eclipse is also joined Saturn, AND the Sun is debilitated. There may be deep levels of self-doubt arising in your mind now,  and you may want to just withdrawal. Instead, go deeper into service. Realize that your true power is eternal – and much greater than your wavering personal confidence.

We will experience a lot of emotional courage, and potential restlessness, on November 16, when the Moon joins Mars in Sagittarius – and is aspected by Saturn. This could be quite a judgmental, argumentative placement.

Hope and optimism return November 18 and 19 as the Moon passes through Capricorn and is aspected by Jupiter. We may also feel a lot of ambition and determination to fulfill our goals, especially those that have to do with teaching what we believe in.

A Lunar eclipse takes place on November 28, with the full Moon in Taurus. The moon is exalted in Taurus, thus we can feel a deep connection to the heart and a profound stability at this time. The restless emotional waters of the moon are slowed down, even stopped, in Taurus. This eclipsed moon is also joined Jupiter, “Guru”,  adding enormous hope to the picture.

As with the previous eclipse, introspection is always encouraged. Yet in this case, we may fall into a devotional space very easily given the bright moon joined Jupiter. Look up in the sky this evening for a real treat, as retrograde Jupiter will be very bright next to the eclipsed moon (although legend has it you are not supposed to look directly at the moon while it is being eclipsed).

This eclipse takes place in the Nakshatra of Kritikka, ruled by the God Agni (Sacred Fire). Now is a good time to cut through emotional attachment and clinging.

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