New Moon in Pisces – Month of Solitude, Escapism and Illusion

On Monday, March 23rd we had the new moon in Pisces. This began a 30-day cycle related to themes of illusion, transcendence, fantasy, surrender, creativity, the dissolving of boundaries, solitude and ultimately liberation. Pisces is the sign that is barely connected to the earth. More than any other astrological sign, it shows our energy connected to something beyond this world.

Meanwhile, as we are living life through the body, here on earth, Pisces shows where we are prone to fantasies and escaping from reality. But it’s also the sign where we escape from the false reality into the true, metaphysical self. As it relates to yoga and spirituality, Pisces is the sign of liberation and surrender.

Given the situation in the world right now, this next month of Pisces will be interesting, challenging and transformative for all of us. We’re being told to stay home now because of an invisible pathogen that is circulating around the globe. This unseen pathogen is not only infecting our bodies, but it is also showing us many deeper realities we have been ignoring for a long time.

Pisces also shows where we can “hide out” and “escape”, as such it shows those hidden, changing and morphing structures in life. No we are being reminded of our interconnectedness, not just through our given country or political party, but throughout the world. Something that happens in a market in China is now infecting people in our neighborhood. The invisible and hidden energies in the outer world are a mirror reflection of the inner fabric of our consciousness and humanity’s interconnectedness to the entire planet. It is almost impossible to not see how these things are related. This movement and hidden, subtle energy IS Piscean in nature. The sign of dual water, moving and changing and slippery and dissolving. Like 2 fish swimming and morphing and hiding out.

Now is the time to see through these illusions and collectively awaken from them. Our entire world is built upon these structures that are beyond our personal control and collective control. Indeed, 1 hidden pathogen, circulating the world can bring down the entire House of Cards. Our entire monetary system is based on floating lines of credit and capital, our bodies and life can suddenly be taken from us because of something that happened on the other side of the world, when an invisible, virus mutated from one species, jumped into a human then learned how to replicate itself from human to human. That’s all it takes!

New Moon in Pisces – Month of Solitude, Escapism and Illusion – Video

Same with our food systems. Supply chains that start halfway around the world end up in our supermarket through 10,000 unknown acts. Someone picks a piece of fruit Thousands of miles from our house, then someone puts it on a truck, then someone drives that truck, filling it with gasoline which came from the middle east, etc etc. All of this interconnectedness is far beyond our control day-to-day.

Sensing this can be overwhelming, and can be just too much. We can’t keep it all straight, so we just ignore it and escape from it, most of the time. But now we are feeling the effects of ignoring these realities. And there are other realities that overwhelm us. Single use plastics destroying the oceans, ongoing pollution leading to global warming, the mistreatment of animals for food, and basically using this earth as if it is our possession. Well, now we are seeing, it is the earth that is in control, and she is reminding us now. Not to mention the way we abuse each other, culturally, racially , financially. Notice how all of these problems have seemed to disappear now, as we unite as a species against this little pathogen.

Ruled By Jupiter

In the highest sense, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and therefore refers back to what you find inspiring and uplifting. Now is the time to closely observe your own philosophies and the philosophes of others. Notice the “thought viruses” that are circulating now. IN the next 30 days we’re going to see many conspiracy theories and alternative explanations for what’s happening now in the world.

For those who believe things are happening for a higher purpose, and that purpose is a good one, these transformations will be affirmative to them of this higher reality working itself out. They will be the inspiring people who are sensing these. Times will bring us together and make the future better.

For those with the dark and bleak outlook on life, who feel like we are being controlled by cold, reptilian overlords, the illuminati, etc in a sinister universe – the measures being taken now will just be evidence of their sinister plan. Be on the lookout for these dark fantasies and projections as well.
Instead, remain hopeful and realize that everything is moving toward a higher evolution, even though it might not seem that way.

Personally, I’ve been blessed to be in the presence of great spiritual teachers who affirm what I have always felt. The universe is benevolent, divine and we are always moving toward the light. But our abuse of nature, animals, each other comma and totally disconnected from our own humanity has been unsustainable. It has now crashed on our head and we need to change.

The time we will spend alone, for the next month, is a time where we can connect to our spiritual teachings, our spiritual practices, put them front and center in our life, and have authentic communion with our divine self. Surrendering the ego to our highest self is the most difficult thing human beings ever do. This Pisces cycle is compelling us to surrender and let go of that feeling that we are the doer. It Is also a time to connect to our heart, through the spirit of devotion and not just get triggered emotionally.

Notice how everyone around you will be projecting their beliefs about the world, whether hopeful or sinister – whether trusting or paranoid. These projections give insight into the inner world, not the outer world. We have total control over the vision we hold as true.

Those who sense that they are in the arms of the divine mother always sense things are happening for the highest good. And those who don’t, are always looking for the fearful, paranoid and cynical motive behind everything. Which one are you?

Your job for the next month: Introspect, reflect, surrender, purify the heart, be positive, be devoted, serve.

March 25, 2020

3 responses on "New Moon in Pisces - Month of Solitude, Escapism and Illusion"

  1. Namaste and thank you, Sam-ji. I count on you for the “straight up, no chaser” take on what’s happening. I needed to be reminded about projection and being in the arms of the Divine Mother. I watched Amma-ji’s message about the Coronavirus and know from my personal experience with her loving embrace what the arms of the Divine Mother feels like. 🙏🏼💟

  2. Thank you for your comments….always helpful as we navigate the transition to a new way of being…..

  3. Sam-Thank you for positive reminders. My fearful, paranoid partner is exhausting. I use it to keep me on my toes to continue my internal practices-especially compassion. Staying peaceful, focused, and well helps me AND my partner. For now, that is all I need to remember over and over and over. Radiating light and visualizing White petals showering upon the world and all beings. Om Shanti

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