Time to Get Your head in the Game – New Moon on March 6 2019

On March 6 we have a new moon in Aquarius, which begins a new 30 day cycle related to Aquarius themes. These themes include being of service to something higher than just ourselves, and leaving the world better than we found it.

Aquarius is a sign of culture and our collective duties and responsibilities to each other and the world. We all want to leave the world better than we found it, but that means something different to everyone. Particularly in this current “post-factual” era is more important than ever that we speak up in the face of blatant violations of truth.

The sign of Aquarius is opposite Leo, the sign of royalty, and potentially the abuse of power. Over the last several years we have seen a lot of power being abused and misused. We can certainly see this in commerce, politics and even in the arts and sciences. For example, you’re reading this because of technology companies like Google, Facebook and others who provide your Internet service, etc.

But those same companies also engage in data mining and potential abuses of power for their own commercial gain. What is not talked about enough is the legislative encroachments on our freedoms, such as the “net neutrality” law. This is the negative “Leo” equation. It is business and power concentrating to serve its own interests.

Of course we also see these themes play in governments around the world as issues such as nationalism, protectionism, globalism collide with a changing geo-landscape. This has led to a lot of confusing information, both intentionally and unintentionally. Sometimes people just get it wrong, other times they deliberately get it wrong in order to manipulate and obfuscate. The term “fake news” itself is a misused term meant to confuse.

Of course, even spiritual teachings and traditions are being watered down by misinformation and corruption. Now that it has become something to be envied, there are new spiritual teachers popping up everywhere. One only needs to have a YouTube channel and be attractive and charismatic and they can spout off almost anything and people will listen and cheer them on.

To say nothing of the misinformation permeating the Yoga and astrology world. Of course, there is also better information than ever before  if one wants to look. It is certainly not hard to find incredible astrologers and spiritual teachers. But sadly, just as in the previous example, the shouting voices and the charismatic drama of the untrained present a shiny object that is easier to follow and admire. What’s harder is to actually do the work, do the studying and put into practice these ancient teachings.

This is the Aquarius challenge for the next 30 days and indeed for the next couple of years. It’s time to get in the game and add your voice to the right side of history, culture and spiritual teachings. Buttressed by a powerful Mars in Aries, now is the time to have some courage – rather then sheepishly slink off in the face of injustice and abuses of truth and power.

Of course, it’s not easy, because people are ready to fight, battle and argue. That’s why you need to show up with the truth, or support those who are speaking. Show up with the facts. Prepare. Present the evidence that backs up your case. But again, this is often the problem. Those who we need to push back against injustice do not have the facts themselves and are not prepared.

So this is the challenge for us. By the end of this Aquarius cycle, Rahu will move into Gemini, the sign of information and communication, where it will be for the next 1.5 years. So now is the time to get prepared, get clear and and your voice to the right side of history.


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March 6, 2019

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