New moon eclipse in Gemini on July 2

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The sun and moon come together and form a solar eclipse in Gemini on July 2.

Eclipses are caused by the Lunar Nodes and are always transformative events and this one is no different. Now is the time to transform your ideas and preconceived notions, which are qualities of Gemini. Look for better information and data in all areas of your life.

While this information helps you to make sense of the things you believe, it may also shatter your belief systems. Be ready to change and adapt to a new way of thinking and living.

These things are all related to Gemini, which is opposite the energy of Sagittarius, where we have a tendency to “believe in” things and people blindly. Now we need to shatter those beliefs and ascend toward the heights of understanding and comprehension. But in order to do this, we need good DATA, good information and the ability to understand it. How often to we get to see the truth and how does it change us when we do see it? Now is a time to be looking out for the truth and also notice how you behave once you see the truth for yourself. Do you change course or do you keep doing the same things you have always done and “Believed in”?

The Nakshatra of this New Moon/Eclipse is Ardra, ruled by Lord Shiva. This is very transformative, so expect something in your life to die or be completely destroyed. This destruction is necessary for the new you to be born, but often the transformation is painful.

Rudra is also called “the howler” and “the storm God”. This is also the form of Shiva called Pashupati, the lord and protector of animals and of the hunt. It may seem unusual to ascribe the same energy to one figure: protecting and hunting animals, but there is a big lesson here. It makes sense when we remember Shiva as the one who destroys and changes the forms in our world (including our “animal” bodies). But his energy is also the one that protects our life from the darker forces of other animals and negative ideas.

But there can be a lot of emotional suffering when important planets occupy Ardra Nakshatra as we are challenged to change and deal with the “growing pains” of life and the “Soul’s course”.

For Students – Learn About the Nodes

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On This Weekend Course We will discuss:

  • Healing Myth – Psychological healing and potential of the nodes as seen from the creation myth story “Samudra Manthan”, the churning of the milk ocean.
  • Toxicity or Purification – Transforming toxicity and poison into nectar with the lunar nodes.
  • Blindness and Ignorace – The crippling “false choice” created by the nodes and the pathologies that result.
  • Everyday Psychosis – The every day “psychotic tendencies” you have and how it just seems “normal to you”.
  • Fated Connections – your parents, your lovers, and most of the deep entanglements in your life have a strong connection to the nodes.
  • Sex, Drugs and Power – Many of the unconscious power plays, sexual dominance, charisma, escapism and hallucinogenic qualities of life are seen by the nodes.
  • Kundalini / Goddess Awakening – The Nodes ARE the kundalini, but exactly how does that work? It’s very simple but shocking and the answer comes directly from the creation myth story.
  • Tracking The Serpent as it Bites and Heals – You always need to know where the nodal axis is, relative to your chart and the world. The great cycles of time will be explored.
  • So much more – we will discuss every planet, sign and house – as well as the Nakshatra’s of each Nodes. This class will be a tour de force!

June 27, 2019

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