Mrigashira – Deer/Antelope’s Head

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Mrigashira shows the transition of Fixed Earth into Mutable Air through the alchemy of fire as well as the longing, wistful and gentle side of Gemini. It exists equidistant between Taurus and Gemini — from 23:20 of Taurus until 6:39 of Gemini. Mrigashira literally means “deer head” and it comes after Rohini.


Deity: Soma (Immortal Nectar of Bliss)

Sign(s)/Degrees: 23:20 Taurus – 6:39 Gemini

Ruler: Mars

Symbol: Antelope’s head or a deer

Story: Prajapati wanted to create beautiful beings to populate but there were no beings yet so he wanted to fornicate with his most beautiful daughter, Rohini. She did not want it so she turned herself into a deer and ran away. Mrigashira is that Nakshatra where Rohini has turned herself into a deer and fled. She does not understand that he wants to create physical beings and do it with the most beautiful of his celestial daughters. Mrigashira has that kind of energy.

The deity is Soma who is the god of the immortal nectar. The Soma is the nectar of immortality that drips down from the head or the crown chakra. It is in the mind, like when we reach those deep states of inner bliss and ecstasy. That bliss of creation and existence, being drunk with god is being drunk on the Soma.

There were outer manifestations of Soma. The Soma was kind of a version of what they have now that we know of like Ayawaska, magic mushrooms and all that stuff. These kinds of things have been in all cultures. You can connect that outer experience of Soma to those deeper states of awareness. This is the feeling of Mrigashira and it is actually related to the deer that is driven by ecstasy and the beauty of creation. This was Lord Brahma’s motivation in pursuing Rohini, his daughter, to fornicate and create beings to populate the creation. It was not to get his rocks off, it was this nectar of immortality.

The deer is a beautiful symbol in between Taurus and Gemini because it is a four-legged animal like Taurus but it is skittish like a deer. It is also very tactile and quite sensual like a deer will smell the earth and enjoy the beauty of nature. These are all qualities of Mrigashira.

It is called the “wandering star”, where we are wandering and searching for that idealic beauty. It is that innocent search of a deer connected with the bliss of the soul. Imagine a deer blissed-out and enjoying life but always watching for predators because it is definitely prey, always skittish.

That is Mrigashira, the deer head between Taurus and Gemini.

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