Meaning of Diwali and Libra 2018 Forecast

On Tuesday we had a new moon in Libra.  Each year this is also Diwali, the return of the light, in India.

The new moon in Libra is the day when the Sun and Moon are at their weakest – with Sun debilitated and the Moon 1 or 2 days away from debilitation and totally dark (brightness and dignity are the 2 main “balas” of the moon). It is because of the 2 lights being weak, that we intentionally celebrate it “return” and the holiday of Diwali.

Also this new Moon cycle in Libra is a time when were going to be putting a lot of attention on relationships. This is a time when our sense of compromise may override our sense of self and sense of purpose. This could especially be important with Venus still retrograde and in Libra. The key to beneficial relationships, romantic or otherwise, is a sense of mutual respect and compromise.

There is no ultimate benefit in compromising too much, or the other extreme, being too inflexible. For the next 30 days this reasonable level of compromise and accountability, boundaries and self-will  are important.

We need to be intentional with our light now and create a container to hold and nurture it, like the citizens of Ayodhya did as they lit the path of the Lord.

AYODHYA — The northern Indian city of Ayodhya broke a Guinness World Record Nov. 6 by lighting 300,150 earthen lamps and keeping them burning for at least 45 minutes on the banks of the river Saryu as part of the annual celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

Meaning of Diwali and Libra 2018 Forecast

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