Kala Sarpa yoga in Vedic Astrology

Kala Sarpa YogaA Kala Sarpa Yoga happens when all of the planets are existing between the two lunar nodes.

Collectively we have been in a cycle/mindset of worrying, pressure, self protection, security and safety (Ketu in Capricorn) since the middle of September 2017. This is why you may have been feeling for months now an aversion to things that bring pressure or that are “serious” with “consequences”. This “aversion” is a lot of what happens with Ketu.

Based on our past experience, we avoid something in the present – after exaggerating its sinister possibilities. Of course, there are also a lot of potential benefits here, that include a relentless focus on things that are serious that we want to make a commitment to that we want to bring to completion (the positive qualities of Capricorn).

The point is, the transit of Ketu through Capricorn brings out all of these possibilities, the full range. But when all the planets exist between the two nodes, all of the energy gets collapsed into that unconscious realm. It makes it hard to find a point of contrast and remember the positive qualities – and act on them.

So, the bottom line is, there is been a big energetic shift and I encourage anyone who resonates with what I’m saying to revisit things in your life that you made a commitment to, around September of last year – but have since perhaps avoided once you realize how much hard work, seriousness, etc. was involved.

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