January 5 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – Purva Ashada

On January 5 we have a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, in the Nakshatra of Purva Ashada. This is a time to connect a higher teaching, learning and inspiration. There’s a lot of promise in this eclipse, but also a lot of stress if you’re not aligned with your principles and your teachings.

Sagittarius is a sign that revolves around our philosophies and the meaning we get from those philosophies. That sense of meaning keeps us on track and allows us to overcome the difficulties and setbacks in our life.

This eclipse can be very difficult if you are lacking a good belief system or value system or sense of purpose and direction. But if you already have a sense of purpose and direction this could be a time of great depth and application. It’s a great time to find a deeper devotion to your teachers. If your teacher yourself, it’s a good time for gratitude.

The Nakshatra is Purva Ashada, ruled by the God of the ocean, Apas. This Nakshatra is related to devotion and watering the seeds of inspiration in our life. We all have something that keeps us going and helps us get through life’s setbacks. Hopefully it is something worthy of our devotion.

This eclipse is joined Saturn, which also bring some heaviness and a sense of duty and commitment. But it also shows the pressure and the need to be inspired. We have a sense that time is wasting away, so we have to keep moving closer to the goal. But what is that goal? This is the big question that we need to answer in Sagittarius.

Mercury is also joined this eclipse, leading to curiosity, communication and intelligence.



January 16, 2019

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  1. That was extremely insightful Sam, thank you for enlightening us.

  2. hi is this where we can get the chart for the year mentioned in the video?

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