Full Moon in Virgo – Equinox – March 20, 2019

The equinox is a time when, based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun, the sun appears to cross the Earth’s equator, making for equal distribution of sunlight all over the world on that day. The term “equinox” means “equal night”. If you live above the equator, it’s the first day of spring. If you live below the equator, it’s the first day of autumn.

No, the earth is not “pointing up” in the sky. Oddly enough, there are some in the astrology community who make such claims now, in order to justify using the tropical zodiac, and avoid the obvious problem of the hemispheres and the seasonal associations being attributed to astrology signs. But that is another issue for another day.

In addition, on the recent equinox day, we also had the full Moon in Virgo. This is a time to harmonize the energy of Pisces, with the energy of Virgo. It is always necessary for the completion of the cycle to integrate its opposite. In this case, the energy of Pisces has to do with the connection to things beyond this world and the desire to escape and dissolve into something metaphysical. But that needs to be harmonized with the literal, practical details of Virgo.

The full moon of March 20 is a time to become aware of this need for integration.

Additionally, we are on the brink of several major shifts that I have been describing recently.

  • The nodes changing signs, moving to Gemini/Sagittarius
  • Jupiter hovering between Scorpio and Sagittarius, then turning retrograde.
  • Saturn turning retrograde and joining with the South node.

I discussed all of these shifts in the video below.

April 20, 2019

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  1. sadhana does not get rid of pain and suffering, it more like increases it because the samskaras start to ripen and come out in ones attempt to over come them through sadhana, however, sadhana definitely helps in dealing with those increased sufferings, and helps to “ride the waves”

  2. Samskaras don’t ripen through sadhana… samskaras ripen through “wrong” action / the consequences of deeds and sadhana is the only way to purify beyond them

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