Full Moon in Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra

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Early Saturday morning we have the full Moon in Gemini. This is a time where we are emotionally and psychologically harmonizing the energy of Sagittarius, the energy of inspiration and hope. We are harmonizing that with a more precise and detailed scrutiny, as shown in Gemini.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of hope and inspiration. Whereas Gemini is ruled by Mercury, related to precision and details. These two signs are the most transformative in the zodiac, in my opinion. They show a dualistic nature, where energy is being changed and dispersed and transformed. In this case, there is a spiritualizing influence as all the details of the world connect with the metaphysical structures of the other world.

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This full moon is in Ardra Nakshatra, related to Lord Shiva, the transformer. We should notice a lot of energy moving and changing now. We have to be careful not to destroy the things that we want to sustain us into the next cycle of our life.

Full Moon in Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra – Video

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December 21, 2018

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