Full Moon in Aquarius – Shatabishak Nakshatra

Full Moon in Aquarius – Shatabishak Nakshatra

The Full Moon will be in Aquarius on Saturday – August 29, 2015 – in the Nakshatra of Shatabishak. Aquarius is a sign of fixed ideas and social structures that benefit humanity.

Full Moon in Aquarius – Shatabishak Nakshatra – VIDEO


New Moon in Cancer Aslesha NakshatraAquarius is the opposite sign of Leo. This full Moon shows the potential for Leo energy to be fully integrated into Aquarius – where personal power and identity are shaped by the public – the world of duty and social obligation.

You may find yourself questioning your contribution to the world, and wondering if you  are truly making a difference in the way you are capable.

Sun and Jupiter in Leo
this full moon is opposite the Sun in Leo, which is also joined Jupiter, the planet of inspiration, hope and teachers. The combustion of Jupiter brings sensitivity and perhaps aggravation with teachers. But it is also a great opportunity to purify your beliefs.

Shatabishak Nakshatra
This full moon happens in Shatabishak Nakshatra. Shatabishak Means 100 physicians, and refers to unusual healing methods. Now is a great opportunity for alternative healing, both for your benefit and for the benefit of humanity.

Exalted Mercury with Rahu
Mercury is functioning at a high level now, bringing great ease and facility with organization and communication. The conjunction with Rahu shows the potential for outside of the box thinking and genius.

Venus and Mars conjunction.
Venus and Mars are both in cancer now, softening the rougher edges that can keep us separated from loved ones, especially romantic partners. However, we may be compromising on things we later regret.

August 26, 2015

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