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The moon is our capacity to feel and receive and integrate.  We often experience this as our emotions and our desire for connection.  All sorts of connection – the connection we have with each other, also the connections we have with our senses and where our inner environment connects with our outer environment.  This is what the moon is about.

We have this limited matrix of mind and body through which we interface with the world, but our deeper self, that self within us, is not really of this world.  Somehow, the moon tries to bridge these impossible spheres of existence – the limited, that which will decay – the unlimited, and that which is eternal.  This is where the moon does its work and why we naturally feel a little bit of stress and anxiety in life. We are trying to bridge the impossible opposites.

The only way for us to actually connect these two is through the heart, through love, through receptivity, through patience, and those things come from the moon.  We would like our boundaries to overrun everything so that all of life dissolves into one, organic, whole unity where we feel connected to the great flow of life and other people and everything, rather than feeling all of the disparity of life, where things are incomplete and distinct and nothing feels like us.

This angst and stress is why we have emotions. The emotions are produced when we look outside of ourselves to try to feel calm and we look outside of ourselves to try to bring something toward us that will make us feel whole and make us feel connected.  But the truth is,
the only source of peace and connection, is within our own heart.  The moon shows where we must go inside to find the truth of who we really are through the heart and dissolve all of the apparent distinctions and differences in life.

Whereas the sun has the capacity to assert, as we express ourselves externally in a confident manner, the moon is where we must reflect. It’s the opening through which everything comes in, so the moon has no aggressive qualities.

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  1. Very nice and something deep stuff. We really need to be very concerned to understand this. I always feel that you feel the planets that is why you explain everything in depth. I really love going through your stuff. Thanks for providing such information.

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