Module 4 Class 4 Planetary Aspects

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    1. Jupiter aspects Sagittarius lagna from 5th house, throwing a 9th house aspect to lagna. It brings graciousness and wisdom to the native. Jupiter aspects Mercury in the 1st House, easing communications and bringing luck with others and our duties.

    Jupiter throws a 7th house aspect to 11th house and Venus. It brings wisdom and generosity to the 11th house matters (friendship, income, dreams) and Venus, the love life and romance and sensuality.
    Jupiter throws a 5th house aspect to Mars and 9th house, this eases Mar’s afflictions and promotes dharma of the 9th house, the higher truths of life.
    2. Venus aspects Jupiter and the 5th house from the 11th house. It shows artistic quality and sweetness, 5th house is education and romance and sadhana. The native’s spirituality and love life is enhanced and sweetened by this sweet aspect of Venus.
    3. Mars in the 9th house throws an aspect to Sun and Moon in the 12th house. Mars is the 12th lord and 5th lord itself. Mars brings conflicts and power struggles. So Sun rules authority and Moon rules women. There is a possibility of conflict with government and foreign travel (9th and 12th house).
    Mars throws a 7th house aspect to Saturn from the 9th House. Mars may bring a sense of agitating for action now on philosophical matters and beliefs in a Dharmic way (he rules the 5th house).
    4. Saturn from the 3rd house throws a 7th house aspect to the 9th house and  Mars. This restricts Mar’s energy and brings caution and restrictions to the 9th house matters. The native can have difficulty finding a higher truth and higher path to follow.
    Saturn also throws a 3rd house aspect to the 5th house and Jupiter, Saturn as 2nd and 3rd lord aspecting 5th house brings cautious and serious determination in 5th house. In this chart Jupiter is strong and well placed, in this case Saturn aspecting 5th house can mean a serious minded person who approaches spiritual practices seriously.

    Saturn as 2nd and 3rd lord also throws a 10th house aspect to the 12th house of fantasies, foreign travel, and spiritual liberation. Also note Mars is already aspecting 12th house and Saturn also. Natal Sun and Moon are also in the 12th. The malefic influence of the 12th house can mean the native has difficulty sleeping well, 12th house also rules the subconscious mind that can mean the native has a lot of things to clear out.

    5. Mercury from the 1st House throws a 7th house aspect onto Rahu in the 7th bringing a curiosity and enquiring aspect to Rahu’s expansiveness/confusion to the area of relationships.


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