Module 4 Class 3 Important Yogas

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    1. In the chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger, find the Raja Yogas.. describe what they mean briefly.

    2. In the chart of Ben Franklin, find the Raja Yogas.. describe what they mean briefly.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    – Ju (10th) in 5th. Career is through creative arts ie acting/body building.

    – Ju (7th) in 5th. Creativity is oriented towards other people, wants to project his creative works to others.

    – Me (1st) in 1st. He is a strong personality, intelligent and has good communication skills. Likes to try out new things and is not averse to risk.

    – Me (4th) in 1st. His emotional state has a big impact in defining him, mother could have been a big influence. Family is important to him and is quite attached to them.

    Benjamin Franklin

    – Sa (10th) in 1st. Life orientation is all about hardwork, has the grit to work for a prolonged time on a task.

    – JuR (9th) in 4th. Has a hard time with his beliefs and it creates a confused state on his philosophical outlook.

    – Ma (1st) in 9th. Has a strong belief in his own philosophy and is unafraid to put it forward and fight for it.

    – Ve (7th) in 9th. Has a charming way to attract people towards his ideas/beliefs.

    – Su (5th) in 10th. His creativity is oriented towards his career. Projects his charisma and enthusiasm into his career. Generally his creative pursuits are for the benefit of the masses.

    – Ma (1st) and Ve (7th) in 9th. Oriented towards assisting others through his unique and strong ideas/beliefs.

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