Module 4 Class 1 Planets as House Rulers 1

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    1. For Aries ascendant,  Mercury rules which houses?

    Mercury rules 3rd and 6th Houses.

    2. For Virgo ascendant, Jupiter rules which houses?

    Jupiter rules 4th and 7th Houses.

    3. For Taurus ascendant, Saturn rules which houses?

    Saturn rules 9th and 10th Houses.

    4. For Cancer ascendant, Mercury rules which houses?

    Mercury rules 3rd and 12th Houses.

    5. For Pisces ascendant, Venus rules which houses?

    Venus rules 3rd and 8th Houses.

    6. For Libra ascendant, the Moon rules which house?

    Moon rules 10th House.

    7. For Aquarius ascendant, Mars rules which houses?

    Mars rules 3rd and 10th Houses.

    8. For Leo ascendant, Saturn rules which houses?

    Saturn rules 6th and 7th Houses.

    9. For Scorpio ascendant, Venus rules which houses?

    Venus rules 7th and 12th Houses.

    10. For Sagittarius ascendant, Jupiter rules which houses?

    Jupiter rules 1st and 4th Houses.


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