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Module 3 Class 2 Houses 5 – 8

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    1. How are the angular houses arranged in the chart?  

    Houses 1,4,7,10 form a square, like the 4 pillars of a structure.

    2. What do they represent, collectively?  

    They are the houses of structure and consistent support related to the Hindu God Lord Vishnu who is the maintainer of the universe.  The angular houses exist evenly apart from each other and mark the 4 directions of the chart.  A square is a figure representing stability, and thus these houses support achievement.

    3. How is the 4th house an angle? How does it express its “angular” nature? 

    The 4th house brings support through emotional well-being and peace.  Our actions and presence from the first house creates a feeling which is manifested in the 4th house.  It is the emotional and psychological pillar of the chart.

    4. How does the 6th house bridge houses 5 and 7? (Give a real world example, not an abstraction – no more than 3 sentences).  

    Romance and what we love the most (5th house), creates work/service/ debt (6th house) to maintain what we love and to evolve to a state of partnership and mutual respect (7th house).  Falling in love (5th house) creates the work of “getting the girl” which leads to facing our insecurities, service, and humility (6th house), which then leads to forming a partnership, intercourse, and determining our “no compromise zones.”

    5. What planets in Angelina Jolies’ Chart are in trinal houses and how do they show themselves as being in trinal houses? (Give a real world example, not an abstraction – no more than 3 sentences). 15 points  

    The trinal houses 1, 5, and 9 are lucky houses which lead to wealth and are represented by the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, who gives beauty, wealth and happiness.  Jolie has Venus, Jupiter, the Moon, and Mars all in these houses, which shows she has much intelligence and support in the areas of beauty, wealth, and happiness.

    6. How does the 8th house cause us to work backwards and re-assess our relationships with others? (Give a real world example, not an abstraction – no more than 3 sentences). 15 points  

    The vulnerability produced from insecurity, transformation and death in the 8th house leads back to greater sensitivity, flexibility, and appreciation of the fragility of life and the elevation of our desires in the 7th house, and this then leads us to a place of gratitude and sincere service in the 6th house (we feel less adversarial when a person doesn’t fulfill our desires), thus finally leading to a greater / more expansive sense of love (5th house).  In the 8th house we realize impermanence, which causes us to become more appreciative and flexible in our relationships in the 7th house, and makes us more willing to practice sincere service in these relationships (6th house), and this sincere service is what leads us to a more evolved and unlimited sense of love in the 5th house.

    7. How are children, art and spiritual pursuits all related – and to which house are they connected?(no more than 3 sentences). 15 points   

    Children and spiritual pursuits are our greatest teachers and are what we create based on what’s in our hearts.  They are both  connected to the 5th house and make us more tolerant, gracious, and forgiving (Jupiter traits) and, as what we “love the most”, they are what we are willing to lift ourselves up for.

    8. How does the 4th house lead to the 5th house? (no more than 3 sentences). 15 points 

    Our personal moksha / liberation is the spring board to the next stage of evolution, houses 5-8, where we learn to interact with others.  How we feel about ourselves (4th house) determines what we create (5th house).  The 5th house is what we create based on what’s in our hearts and what we love the most.

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