Module 3 Class 1 Houses 1-4

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    1. What is the Sanskrit name of the Houses?


    2. What does that word mean?

    “Coming into existence, Birth” – It also means “The Experience – Experiencing”.

    3. Explain this concept relative to Karma and life on Earth (no more than 3 sentences).

    The bhavas show in what areas of life our karma (actions) as shown by the grahas will play out. For example: Mercury in the 8th bhava will give interest and skills (Mercury) in 8th house matters such as psychology, astrology, the occult and research.

    4. How are the three gunas related to the houses? (no more than 3 sentences).

    Houses 1-4 having to do with focus on the self are tamasic. Houses 5-8 having to do with others are rajasic and houses 9-12 having to do with universal themes are sattwic.

    5. What can we say in general about Angelina Jolie’s chart – and her first house – relative to planets and houses? (a short, obvious answer is required).

    A lot of planets in the later houses (universal section) – Venus in the first house shows her beauty.

    6. How do the 4 Purusarthas take us through our “Personal growth” relative to the astrology houses? (no more than 3 sentences).

    Bhavas 1- 4 represent the manifestation of the four Purusarthas at the most basic level: through the self. Bhavas 5-8 represent manifestation through our relationships with others on a small and intimate scale. The second category is slightly more evolved. Bhavas 9-12 are the highest of the Purusarthas. They are the universal houses of larger groups and community.

    7. How has the evolutionary / anchoring process of the second house – and its themes – played out in your life.

    (Your personal version will obviously vary) My values differ from my parents in subtle ways. My father gave up all material comforts and lived a life of absolute poverty and my mother banked all her money yet lives like she has none. I have always made sure that I had comforts, nothing grand, but the freedom to eat healthy food, take care of my body and expand my mind. I do have money in the bank and money comes in, yet I also spend with an aim to enjoy life and grow spiritually and intellectually.

    8. How has the third house played a role in this evolution?

    (Your personal version will obviously vary) My second house values of desire for wisdom and spiritual growth has manifested through the third house. The 3rd lord, Jupiter in Pisces, in the 3rd has blessed me with interests in mysticism, film, travel and in what lies beyond the mundane.

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