Module 2 Class 5 Venus and His Signs

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    1. How is Libra to be seen as an expression of Venus? (no more than 2 sentences)

    The masculine, active, airy aspect of Venus seeks happiness by attempting to bring happiness to others through compromise, mediation, consideration, weighing of others’ perspectives and possibilities.

    2. How does Venus affect the appearance of a person? (no more than 2 sentences)

     “Pleasing, lovely formed, the most splendid and beautifully eyed is Venus, who is poetical, abounding in Kapha, of Vata nature and curly haired.” Also, usually low height, plump body with strongly pronounced forms, round face and kind eyes.

    3. Explain the Rajasic nature of Venus (no more than 2 sentences)

    Venus’ energy is Rajasic because it primarily functions on the plane of other people—how we relate to them and how we understand and live amongst others.  Specifically Venus deals with ‘others’ we interact with as equals.

    4. Explain the debilitation point of Venus in Virgo. (no more than 2 sentences)

    Venus energy is better suited for development within an expansive environment, thus within the very practical, detail-oriented, critical expression of Virgo, Venusian energy feels conditional, measured, thus it might feel strained in expressing its potential as boundless happiness, and seeing the beauty in all of creation.

    5. In general, how would you expect Jupiter and Venus joined in the same sign to be? (no more than 3 sentences – 15 pts)

    Though both are teachers, Jupiter is Guru to the Devas and motivated by the need to do good, while Venus is Guru to the Asuras which indicates it maneuvers primarily in the worldly sphere, seeking to fulfill pleasures and desires, thus causing an essential ‘conflict of interest.’  However, Jupiter’s energy has the potential to lend wisdom to Venusian experiences, possibly guiding the soul to develop the higher Venus expressions, while Venus’ ability to show us the application of our higher principles on the plane of others may help ground the abstraction of Jupiter concepts.  However, there may be a good deal of inner conflict as one learns and grows to understand the lessons being presented by both planets.

    6. In general, how would you expect Mercury and Venus joined in the same sign to be? (no more than 3 sentences – 15 pts)

    These two planets are mutually very friendly with each other as they both operate on the Rajasic level, and because Mercury has the tendency to help and support any planet it is conjunct with, it may lend its intelligence, adaptability, discrimination, light-hearted curiosity to Venusian themes.  And Venus, as the beautifier may make one’s communication charming and pleasing—one may have a poetic way of speaking and writing.  This combination might also show itself as artistic/creative talent as Mercury is the most skillful planet while Venus is the most artistic, conceptually.

    7. How would you expect Mars in Taurus to be? (no more than 3 sentences – 15 pts)

    Mars, being Tamasic in nature, might motivate the native to action, courage, initiation toward the qualities of Taurus that are more geared for preservation, security, comfort.  Mars energy might also make the native exceptionally stubborn and aggressive about their values in this area, but might also give the ferocious courage to persevere in difficulty and strengthen the already loyal sign.  And, because of the “domestic” quality of Taurus, Mars energy might work well in creating culinary skills and interest.

    8. How would you expect Moon in Libra to be? (no more than 3 sentences – 15 pts)

    Libra, as the active, airy quality of Venus, seeks to find happiness through the principle of mutual equality and respect, and thus the Moon here may further the higher development of Venusian themes—helping the native to find connection through negotiation, conscientious consideration and mutual regard.  However, because of the Rajasic nature of Libra, Lunar energy might take on a sensuous quality, looking to connect on a surface level, rather than on the level of selfless love.  Also, because of the vascillating, airy quality of this sign, it may be difficult for Lunar energy to feel grounded and stable, which may lead to an overly active, erratic, indecisive mind and emotional state.

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