Module 2 Class 3 Mercury and His Signs


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    1. Describe Mercury’s appearance.

    “Most excellently formed…”  Mercury gives a well formed body. It’s tri-dosha nature gives a body that is highly adaptable to its environment and youthful looking.
    2. What is the guna of Mercury? (one word)
    3. How do you see the Guna represented in his nature? (not more than 2 sentences)
    Mercury is the planet of curiosity and learning. He is also highly sexual. He is a planet that is very much about interacting with others in the world, developing skills and simply enjoying life.
    4. How is Mercury like the Minister ? (not more than 2 sentences)
    Mercury is the planet that is closest to the Sun (King). His neutral nature allows him to support the King’s agenda (our soul’s purpose) as he has no agenda of his own. Mercury as the planet of discrimination and intelligence and the ambassador to the world of men communicates what is going on in a detached way that allows the King (soul) to make the best decision.
    5. How does his nature as the Minister relate to him as the speaker and taking pleasure in laughter? (not more than 2 sentences)
    I often think of Mercury as the jester in the royal court. The jester was the one who was the master of poetry, metaphor and puns. He used these communication techniques to brilliantly relay vitally important information to the king. At the same time, he made everyone laugh.
    6. How does Virgo describe the reflective nature of Mercury? (not more than 2 sentences)
    The earth sign of the Virgo has a grounding influence on the rajasic nature of Mercury. In Virgo, Mercury is able to pay attention to the details and one step at a time begin the process of building and manifesting, unlike the sign of Gemini where Mercury can live just for the fun it and manifest little or nothing.
    7. How does Gemini describe the masculine nature of Mercury? (not more than 2 sentences)
    In the air sign of Gemini, Mercury is able to move freely and quickly, flitting from one thing to another rapidly. It has an outward nature that causes it move out into the world taking up new interests and sexual relationships with ease and detaching and moving on with ease.
    8. How would you expect Mercury to express in Leo? (First, what part of us is Mercury – Second, how would that operate in Leo. Not more than 3 sentences)
    Mercury as intelligence, manner of communication and skills in the sign of Leo would give the person the desire to express big ideas in a grand manner: a big thinker. There is also a lot of creativity with this combination as Leo, a fire sign, is highly creative. Also consistent and inspiring ideas. Leo is fixed, Fire is inspired.
    9. How would you expect the Moon to operate in Gemini? (First, what part of us is the Moon – Second, how would that operate in Gemini. Not more than 3 sentences)
    The Moon being our mind and feeling nature, in Gemini, would give a person a detached feeling nature and a mind that likes to go in many directions at once. They would have a fast moving mind that is curious and in need of constant stimulation. Also may mistake words for feelings.
    10. Why do the qualities of Pisces “debilitate” Mercury? (not more than 3 sentences)
    The organized and discriminating aspect of Mercury gets diluted in the water sign of Pisces. There tends to be difficulty in managing the details of life and a tendency to escapism, fantasy and day dreaming.

    Tess Dahlgren

    Personal Observation:

    Western identified Virgos have a hard time being Libras in Vedic astrology more than any other sign (sun sign because that’s how they relate). All other signs tend to be intrigued or curious about the different systems while I get a visceral negative reaction from Virgo when they find out they are Libra.

    There are a million factors but does anyone have a thought on why or an opinion or personal experience like that?

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