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Module 2 Class 1 Sun, Moon and their Signs

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    1. How is the Sun like a King?

    The Sun is like a king because he is the source of our power, integrity and our feeling of responsibility. He is high-minded, father-like, and ready to sacrifice in order to provide for and protect his family (his kingdom).

    2. How is the Moon Like a Queen?

    The Moon is like a queen – the mother of our personal kingdom – who accepts and connects with all aspects of it, attempting to nourish them all equally.

    3. What kind of body does the Sun have? (1 word answer)


    4. What kind of body does the Moon have? (1 word answer)


    5. Describe the Sun’s body and how we feel that in his “Anchoring Principle”.

    It’s a square body, which gives stability and strength, and also radiantly pure, of Pitta nature. We feel that in his Anchoring Principle as our personal stability, endurance and clarity of our inner vision.

    6. Describe the Moon’s body and how we feel that in her “Anchoring Principle”.

    The Moon’s body is round like a ball, thus unstable and easily moved by outside influences. We feel that in her anchoring principle as our innocent perceptive mind that connects us with everything in our world, and ultimately with our inner Self.

    7. Why is the Moon exalted in Taurus?

    Taurus is a fixed, earthy, and peaceful sign ruled by Venus and thus it provides an ideal environment for the Moon to express it’s vulnerability and longings. This is where the Moon can most easily settle down and find her peace.

    8. What is the nature of planets when they are in Leo?

    Planets in Leo have the capacity for consistency, power, inspiration and charisma. They will also have the ability to sacrifice the lower forms of ego to the higher forms of Self.

    9. What is the nature of planets when they are in Cancer?

    Planets in Cancer will be conditioned by the attributes of it’s lord (the Moon) such as vulnerability, receptivity, longing and moodiness. They will have problems with establishing healthy boundaries in relationships and will depend on the strength of the Moon for the feeling of connection.

    10. Planets joined the Sun are purified through heat, while planets joined the Moon are….

    sensitised through Love.

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