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Module 1 Class 4 Planets, Signs, Houses and More Vedic Frameworks

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    1. Describe Mars in the planetary order (what his place signifies) (no more than 2 sentences)

    Mars is the animalistic defending nature of what is right and what is wrong. Mars is the third planet and takes action.

2. Describe Mercury in the planetary order as coming after Mars and before Jupiter (no more than 2 sentences)

    Mercury asks How, it gives knowledge to Mars power – and comes before Jupiter that wants to know “why”

    3. How are Sun and Mars different, as expressions of masculine energy? (no more than 2 sentences)

    Sun is like the father or King where Mars is the Warrior / general of army.

    4. How are Moon and Venus different as expressions of feminine energy?

    The moon is mind and like the mother whereas Venus is beauty and like the sister or lover.

    5. Describe the neutrality of Saturn (no more than 2 sentences)

    Saturn has less gender charge, much like an older person is neutral to sexual charge.

    6. Why is the waning Moon “cruel”? (no more than 2 sentences)

    Depression and sadness. Feeling of decrease and neglect.

    7. How do benefic planets give problems? (no more than 2 sentences)

    Tend to give the good they have to offer. Can become attached and lead to attachment.

    8. How do malefic planets give strength? (no more than 2 sentences)

    By giving the capacity to persevere through hardship and face difficulties.

    9. What are the three kama houses? (no more than 2 sentences)


    10. How do the three gunas relate to the house scheme? (no more than 2 sentences)

    House 1-4 is our self houses and tamasic, 5-8 is others and rajas and 9-12 is Universal and dharmic, sattvic and in the mode of not aversion.


    Leila Seel

    1. Mars is 3rd in Planetary Cabinet = Commander – he competes to survive and defend

    2.Mercury is 4th – introduces variety, curiosity and asks “How”?

    3. Sun is sattvic and has capacity to Sacrifice, Mars is Tamasic and defends principles, fights for what’s right

    4. Moon’s love is selfless and unconditional, Venus Love is more like sibling/lover and conditional

    5. Saturn is Neutral, like an old person and has less gender charge.

    6. Waning Moon gives feeling of decrease and loss.

    7. Benefics give problems e.g. Mercury wants to help but may lack good judgement.

    8.Malefics give strength to do what we dislike and to persevere through times of hardship/difficulty.

    9. Kama Houses are 3rd, 7th and 11th.

    10. 3 Gunas relate to houses 1-4 being Tamasic (relating to our Body), 5-8 are Rajasic (relating to other People) 9-12 Sattvic (relate to Universal principle)


    Sabine Pankert

    Hi Sam,

    some things are irritating me while going through this class: in the class before you said Venus rules the Water element (page one in the class document) and is also earthy and airy. In this class you are saying Venus rules Air and Earth (what is reasonable to me because Taurus is an earth sign and Libra an air sign). So how does the water element come in with Venus?

    And do the signs have a gender as well? I saw that in the “South Indian Astrology Chart with Important Vedic Principles” from the last class it says only female and male in the signs. Why not neutral when ruled by Saturn or Mercury??

    So much to understand… but so good!!!!

    Thanks for helping me and kind regards,


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