Florida shooting tragedy and Aquarius Eclipse

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 In my recent article on the Aquarius eclipse I stated:
“This eclipse is trying to show us that we depend on each other for our survival. We are starting to sense that our true vulnerability is a distrust of each other, and an inability to recognize truth and treat each other with respect when we disagree.

Stated simply, we need to learn to get along with our neighbors, other countries, and our planet. May we learn this lesson gently, both personally and collectively. Because the other option is not very pretty. History has shown us that sometimes the only way we learn to get along is in the aftermath of a personal or collective “catastrophe.”

Sadly, events like the Florida shooting are the kind of events that tends to “bring us together” In the negative.

 Vedic astrology Florida shooting phone screenshot
This is a screenshot from the phone of a student in Florida in the midst of the unfolding tragedy.

I also said in the same article:
“Mercury and Venus are also getting eclipsed. This shows a deep reevaluation of our communication style and our information (Mercury), and our sense of beauty, and how we share that in partnership with others (Venus). This is a difficult time for relationship intimacy and connection—and not just because of Venus being eclipsed but Mars (see below). Reevaluating meaningful connections is important now in our self-obsessed, attention-seeking culture. Many of us now seem to pay more attention to Facebook “likes” than authentic sharing and connection.”

“This is also time to reevaluate our sense of discrimination and separating fact from bias and opinion. These things are so incredibly blurry in our world now, to the detriment of civil discourse and a fact-based shared reality. When faced with facts we don’t like, some people feel there is no need to listen to the other person, and just call it “fake news” and move on. This is going to kill us all if we don’t get it worked out and learn how to listen to each other. A good place to start would be to return to common sense and a common set of agreed-upon “facts.”

One set of “facts” that more than 90% of Americans agree on is the sensible gun control. I’m sure every parent that is worried sick about their child getting shot and killed in a public school is not thinking about  Republicans, Democrats, Fake News, etc.

This shared common reality, connected to a deeper humanity, is our only hope, and it has been our only hope the entire time. But, now more than ever, with the ability to annihilate all of existence, and/or the planet – and our interdependence monetarily on each other, we need to work this out. We need to stop accepting the status quo of politicians and others who want to divide us, for one reason only: Profit.

Of course, this kind of violence is everywhere in our culture and our world.
There are many who are not from the USA – but I am sure that you can also relate to the level of tension in your country and your world. 

What can we do to do make it better?

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February 15, 2018

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