Exalted Moon aspected by Jupiter

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The moon is exalted in Taurus, the sign that expresses the inner, reflective and emotional quality of Venus. Taurus is an earth sign, which is about stability, structure and sensuality. Venus is a planet of enjoyment, pleasure and  devotion. All of these qualities stabilize our restless emotions. 

The moon rules our heart, and that deep love and devotion at the core of our being. But unfortunately, because we’re not connected to our hearts, we identify with the emotions on the surface. We have a sense of longing for beauty, happiness, respect and validation from others. 

When we feel happy and validated, we can calm down and eventually relax into the truth of our heart. But when we can’t, we lose our way and feel disrespected, unappreciated and a lot more. 

Taurus is the sign where we appreciate the things we have and the others in our life who bring them to us. That appreciation and contentment is important. This happiness and pleasure can also lead to quite a bit of attachment to those external objects and people. We often mistake those things to be the source of our happiness, when in fact happiness is our true nature.

When Jupiter aspects the moon we also align with higher teaching and wisdom. A moon/Jupiter aspect brings the mindset of sharing, in a graceful and generous way. It also brings optimism and hope.

Learn Relationship Astrology

Venus gives you the capacity to please others as much as you would like to be pleased. 

You compromise too much at times. But at other times you are inflexible.

How can you know when to assert your individuality and when to yield?

How can you identify those “no compromise zones”?

Is it even possible to find your “soulmate” or is that just a fantasy?

These things can be known and is a lot of the work you must do in relationships.

Some of the best skills to develop in your life are relationship skills. They not only benefit your romantic relationship, they also benefit friendships, family connections and your work.

I’ve studied this a lot over the last 15 years. My relationships have not  been easy. But I made a lot of improvement and I’ve also helped a lot of people understand their relationship tendencies.

I’m teaching a special “Relationships and More” live video class at the end of this year, while Venus is still in Libra. You have a great opportunity. Check it out Here

In this course I take an extended look at the components that allow astrologers to do great relationship astrology readings.

You will learn:
* The “personal capacity” to have relationships.
* The Lunar nodes and connections that seem “fated”.
* The Latest research into “relationship models” (you will love this)
* The sun and moon and the qualities of masculine and feminine. 
* A lot more. 

Day 1 – Individual Capacities, Feelings, Relationship Models 
* Indian Relationship concepts
* Evaluating feeling capacity and style with the moon
* Lunar Nodes, sexuality and fate 
* Masculine and feminine capacities 

Day 2 – Synastry and Buttons getting pushed 
* Most Important connections for ease.
* Important connections that bring stress and problems.
* Aspects through synastry
* Relationship factors in Synastry (7th house / Venus
* Sun/Moon connections through synastry 

Day 3 – Vedic Kutas and Spiritual Structures 
* Ashta Kutas Overview
* Stree Deergh and distance to the woman
* Overview of each Kuta 

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Enjoy this,

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December 20, 2018

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