December 2018 forecast – holiday fun and drama

There are several important shifts that happen in December 2018.

By the end of the month both Venus and Mercury will move from their current signs.

Venus has been in Libra since September 2018. This has been a time when our romantic relationships and other interpersonal connections have been front and center and important. We can expect to feel drawn to repair relationships and get along with important friends and partners, between now and the end of the year.

Also, Mercury has been in Scorpio since early October. Mercury will remain there until the end of the year, after a prolonged transit which includes a retrograde cycle. Mercury in Scorpio is bringing a probing awareness of our ideas and communication. We can expect this to continue between now and the end of the year. Mercury turn direct December 7, so if your communication and speech has been somewhat “backed up” lately, expect some forward momentum in early December.

We also have an important Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in the middle of December. This also aspects the Moon in Taurus, right around the solstice. This is a great time for study, especially of metaphysical subjects like astrology.

On Christmas will be in cancer, with Raul. This may show some strong emotions and desire to be around loved ones. It may also show some big, dramatic interactions.

December 2018 forecast – holiday fun and drama

November 21, 2018

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