The Living Sky – Precise Transit Work in Vedic Astrology How do we know when to look at the dasha …

The Living Sky – Precise Transit Work in Vedic Astrology How do we know when to look at the dasha and went to look at the planetary transits in order to make predictions? The truth is you have to know how to look at both, and when to do so. The classical Indian literature is thin on how to do precise transit work. But in this class I will have many case studies showing how karma's get activated based on the transit, as well as how to prioritize transits in your life and your clients life all of the time. You will learn how to separate just a "general focus" from a major transit that brings a new event or karmic cycle into someone's life. I will also describe “Special Aspects by Transit” and “Raja Yogas by Transit”. I have been watching these daily transits for 12 years, and publishing daily transit reports as well. . Applied Tajika Astrology - Varshaphal and Prashna Tajika astrology is a branch of astrology that developed between the Indians and the Persians between the 7-12th centuries. It is the best evidence yet that Indian and Western / Persian astrology has a long history of cooperation, in spite of the political, scientific and cultural differences - and in spite of eventually using different zodiacs. We will explore the fascinating practices and techniques that developed at that time, which are clearly a hybrid of both systems and cultures. In Tajika astrology, the precise transit work still seen in Western astrology is applied to a sidereal zodiac, with a special “dasa” system for annual charts and other considerations. We will examine the main aspect types, applying and separating aspects and precise degrees of orb and how to apply these principles to Varshaphal (annual charts) and Prashna (art of a question) chart readings. We will also examine the important Indian and Vedic texts which shows the transition from sidereal to tropical astrology in Persia at that time, and the influence of Indian astronomy/astrologers on Persian scientists such as Al Kwarizimi, Masha Allah, Al Biruni and more.

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