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  1. Special Attributes of Signs


    Clear & Concise.

  2. Very enlightening


    I found this Special Attributes of Astrology course incredibly enlightening. Using the psychology of the signs is a different and exciting approach to demonstrate each sign’s unique trait. I really enjoyed the course, and I discovered some exciting characteristics about my sign.

  3. A deep look into the signs


    I really appreciated going through the ‘feet’ and ‘body types’ of the symbols of the Zodiac in depth, because that was a part of the symbolic language that had previously been hard to integrate into my understanding of astrology. This is a single 3-hour video which I watched after the Holistic Zodiac course and feels supplemental to that, so I recommend going through that one first. This course illustrates the signs on their own terms, i.e. these attributes are not what the signs inherit from the planets nor are related directly to the houses. After going through this I feel more comfortable distinguishing between planets, signs, and houses.

    There is a section at the end about the houses that seems a little peripheral to the subject, and I think Sam treats the houses more thoroughly elsewhere, but it’s always helpful to refresh one’s understanding of these life areas so I recommend watching through all the way.

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