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Shad Bala – Sixfold Assesment of Strength 

1. STHANA BALA – This is the positional strength of a planet.
​​​​​​​2. DIG BALA  – Directional strength based on residence in an angle.
3. KALA BALA – It is strength of time. It consists of different factors:
​​​​​​​4. CHESTA BALA – Planets which are relatively slow (among them retrograde planets) get a high Chesta Bala value.
5. NAISARGIKA BALA – Strength based on natural brightness.
​​​​​​​6. DRIK BALA – Drik Bala is called aspect strength – gives a reward based on benefic aspects and detriment for malefic aspects.
7. TOTAL SHADBALA – The points are added up and quantized.


  1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To recognize the posture of every planet and how well it “stands up” to many forms of pressure. This often shows how anger and frustration can become strength and discipline.
  2. How the stance of Venus shows a natural state of “feeling valued” when we interact and compromise with others. This is important in our sexual life, married life and business life. 
  3. Finding a great teacher or guru and “stance of Jupiter”​.
  4. The “inner force” of retrograde planets and how they lead us astray and back to the source.
  5. The science of aspectual strength and how to measure multiple aspects and measure their affects. 
  6. How aspects to planets affect work, relationships and other life events. 
  7. How to interpret the “Directional strength” of each planet and each angle. This will show you if the planet leads you where you want to go or leads you astray.
  8. The “planetary war” calculations and what they mean. These have been debated for centuries. I will show you how and why I use the system I use.
  9. The important astronomy that you must know in order to do astrology correctly. It also will prove to you once and for all that Vedic astrology is CLEARLY a sidereal based system.
  10. So much more
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In just 2 weekends (in real-time) – or 18-20 hours at your own leisure, I’ll show you how to get a handle on analyzing planets using the timeless strategies in Shad Bala  

Sure, you already know about the planets and other things, but you’re just looking on the surface. Shad bala offers a powerful 6-fold snapshot of every planet and once you learn it, you can interpret may subtleties that are very hard to see otherwise.   

Do Shad Bala Readings!
This course is a deep dive into this 6-fold evaluation system.  

  • ​​​​​​​Weekend 1 – What, Why and How – The first weekend of the course I am going to break down all of the components of Shad bala in great detail. You’ll understand what the calculations are and why they show the sources of strength.
  • Weekend 2 – Doing Shad bala Readings – The second weekend of the course will focus on being able to interpret these things with mastery. This includes giving you the tools to be able to do full readings just on Shad Bala. These readings can be extremely valuable to people. In fact, this can be very handy when clients don’t have accurate birth times, you still want to help them understand different strengths and character traits.

I’ve been working on these things for years and I’m excited to share them with you.

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  1. Transformative!


    This class was not only personally transformative but has changed the way I will read charts! The level of depth and insight this knowledge brings is incredible. I absolutely recommend taking this course!

  2. 4

    I did not participate in the live class but listened later to the recordings. Wow, very intensive. Made me realize the depth that can be explored in a chart. Mucho information!

  • $399.00

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