QUANTUM ASTROLOGY UNITING EAST AND WEST AND HEALING THE HUMAN SPIRIT Quantum astrology is a way to make a quantum leap, not only …




Quantum astrology is a way to make a quantum leap, not only in our understanding of how astrology works, but in how it can heal the human spirit.

In this course you will not only see how Astrology creates the human mind and brain, through our karma, but how this is exactly described by modern neuroscience and quantum physics..

and most importantly – what you can do to re-create your life,…

or do you want to continue through your life like a reactive animal? — with your energy hung up on inner conflicts?

Does this sound familiar: Instead of using your attention and capacity to imagine a better future, then using your unlimited power to create that future, you imagine a bleak world – where you are powerless to change – full of ,…

phantom fears – lorded over by primal specters of the past. Your imagination is the greatest gift you have and you are likely wasting it … using your mind to stay exactly where you are, rather than

… becoming all you are meant to be – Does that sound familiar?

Modern neuroscience tells us why this happens – the inner war between the 3 brains – the RAS confirming the habitual world it is looking for. But Vedic astrology has been saying this same thing for centuries, in its own way.

Vedic astrology / our karma exists behind neuroscience (the brain and its habits) and Quantum physics (how the brain compels energy / spirit to take form).


One thing to realize: Modern advances in Neuroscience and quantum physics do not shed any new light on what the Vedic people have been saying for centuries. These latest discoveries / interpretations from western science just translate the same energy into modern terms.

As shown form the diagram above, Astrology / Cosmology exists behind neuroscience – where our brain creates the specifics of our brain. Then that brain focuses awareness, which creates a particle / form out of the energetic potential that existed before.

PRACTICAL MYSTICISM A Unified Approach for Your Fragmented Mind and World Bringing together the self-will of the West, and the divine trust of the East is necessary if we re going to heal as individuals and as a species. The western scientific approach is usually too literal and dry, with an over-reliance on data –

disconnected from the bigger picture, heart and spirit. The eastern approach is usually too religious and untested (at least in the modern sense). This creates a gnawing hypocrisy, where we believe in the bigger picture and spirit – but have no idea how anything actually works, and therefore it is of little use to us when we actually need it. This is why, so often in times of crisis, you fall back on baser instincts – fear and dominance – and trust in the battles you have actually won, through the ego – rather than the things you “believe in”. You see “Belief” is in the higher, human brain, but survival and application is in the reptile brain.

The Unified approach, being taught and advocated in this Quantum Vedic astrology approach, brings those two brains / beings / cultures together.

First you work intentionally with your lower brains and their fears and stresses by clearing out the weeds, through journaling and refocusing your intention. Then you can use your higher brain and imagination for the highest good (not paranoia and rehashing the old childhood programs).


Three years ago my mother died, at the same time that I was researching / exploring how astrology worked on the primal level. At that time I was piecing together the connections between our primal fear in the reptile brain and how that old wiring interrupts our growth process in the higher, evolved, human brain.

Since my mother had just died, my heart and nervous system were very raw and open to many facets of my relationship with her, and how that relationship changed. Like most parent / child relationships my relationship with my mother changed from one of pure love and innocent trust (in me) to something less pure and innocent – as I grew up and harsh punishments began. Once that started, my love for her began to mix with fear, anger and frustration. You see – these old relationships are the source(s) of our inner conflicts., where the same person we love and need, also scares us and makes us angry. Where one part of us wants attachment and another part wants separation.

Her death was a catalyst for remarkable healing, as I was able to reconnect to that pure love that I had for her long before the pain of our egos interfered. It was a miraculous time.

PINPOINTING TRAUMATIC EVENTS After her death I began to explore the exact moments when my relationship to each family member changed – the specific moments when I no longer felt safe and loved. It was remarkable to remember with pinpoint clarity those exact moments. I realized that my earliest memories were not of joyous moments, but of these childhood traumas – (in the Biblical sense) these falls from grace.

As I have described recently, the power of negative emotions, like fear and anger, are much more important in our brain than positive emotions, because those negative things can KILL us if we are not careful. Our greatest power is also found when we can transform these fears into self mastery, courage and discipline.

Reviving those ancient moments from my early life have since provided a template for me to retrace the route to a level of power that was abandoned so long ago with the rejection of those I trusted. It has also allowed me to see how I have unfortunately repeated those punishments in my less evolved moments since.

TRAUMATIC EVENT WITH MY GRANDFATHER One extremely vivid event occurred with my paternal grandfather. I loved my grandfather at that time and felt totally safe with him. I used to sit next to him, watching TV, with one of my legs crossed over his leg – and my head up against him, with his arm around me. I will never forget the day, because it was January 1, 1971 – new

years day. I was watching the College Bowl football games with him. At the time I was 7 years old. As we were watching the 3rd or 4th bowl game in a row. My grandfather misspoke and said the name of a team (College) that was not playing in that game. To my 7 year old mind, that was incredibly funny and I started laughing and (what my grandfather interpreted as) ridiculing him over it.

Of course I was not ridiculing him, just “laughing at his mistake”, as 7 year olds find strange things funny. I remember vividly saying “haha you said Stanford and they are not even playing now, haha”. My grandfather grabbed my leg and threw it off of his and pushed me away from him and stood up and started yelling at me for making fun of him. Then as I started to cry he told me to stop acting like a baby. Then I told him that I wanted to go home. Then we had to call my father to come and get me, which made my father mad. My father came and was mad at my grandfather and me. After that I knew I had to be guarded around my grandfather.

What a fiasco! HOW CAN THIS HELP YOU?

A certain part of your primal wiring has been arrested at those points and moments where your trust has been violated. You made a primal decision to fear something and to destroy something and to not be victimized by something, in those moments. These are the moments where your inner reptile are corrupting your future from your past. These are the primal moments that defeat you before you even get started. You may never live it down – in fact few people do.

Will you be one of those people who outgrows your primal fears and defenses, and instead opens to trust, love and possibility? I hope so as these things lead to greater contribution and personal evolution.

WHY I DO WHAT I DO The truth is, I love astrology and the Vedic sciences because of the way it explains this stuff – this REAL stu

ff. Currently, I have seen more and more that these traumas and pains are destined to happen and be challenges that you must face and overcome.

This is confirmed by neuroscience and Quantum physics. Your brain is wired by your karma to see the world the way it does and keep creating it – until such time that you start to see the world in a NEW WAY. That day could be today.

Your brain was meant to be wired the way it is wired so you can overcome exactly what you must overcome in order to evolve the way you must and create the only reality YOU can create. You are creating the world you inhabit, molecule by molecule.


The Full Course Includes: Class 1 – Overview of Eastern and Western Models: The Sciences of the East pick up where the Sciences of the West leave off (and vice versa). Hear me explain this in great detail. This allows you to really benefit from your spiritual beliefs.

Class 2 – Quantum Physics and Astrology: Particles are actually waves until we focus on them, only then do they move into a space / time coordinate. Learn how this works, as well as what Einstein called “Spooky action”. Even more important, find out how astrology extends and shapes this truth into the actual Law of Attraction”,.. find out how life actually works on the molecular level. Also, penetrate the world of interdimensionality – the realm of subtle bodies and worlds existing in the same space and time as ours. I discuss this subject here

Class 3 – Neuro-Science and Astrology: Your brain creates your world. But how does your brain actually work? Dive deeply into the brain to see how it shapes your world, as you only see what you are looking for (the reticular activating system), and ignore important details changing (change blindness) and many other default programs you are running. Learn how astrology focuses these western sciences specifically, to help unravel inner conflicts and other behavioral problems. Get the Course and take the “Invisible Gorilla” test.

Class 4 – Astrology as Sacred Astronomy Learn the truth of what astrology is actually showing and why. The pIanets are not just big rocks moving around. They are timed with each other and have been moving in their orbits for billions of years, creating life as we know it. See how modern particle science is also shown by Astrology and sacred astronomy. See how each planet rules each brain (reptile, mammal, human).

Class 5 – Astrology Case Studies I will evaluate several charts to show how things were manifested, what inner conflicts emerged, and do a deep dive into how we can use the “Quantum Astrology” principles. See how dasas and transits relate to the emergent karma and its affect on matter (on the quantum physical level) and the mind (seen by the neuroscience).


Most people do not understand how their mind actually works, and we can be taken advantage of as a result. Not only can others exploit us, but also (and most troubling) we make terrible mistakes due to our inner conflicts and habitual thought loops and patterns.

I think this course on Quantum Astorlogy can really benefit you, by teaching you how your brain works and also by giving you skills and exercizes that can help you move through your “Ape Programming”. In the module on neurosciece I expose you to 2 behavioral studies where you will experience for yourself how your mind works and how it is frighteningly like a machine that only sees what it is looking for – until you consciously reprogram it.

You owe it to yourself to at least check this out.

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