You can finally know the truth behind each of the Nakshatras – the myths, their connections to Each Astrology Sign …

You can finally know the truth behind each of the Nakshatras - the myths, their connections to Each Astrology Sign - and more. In this Advanced Course You will learn: - The Secret Connection Between Science and Myth (They are not separate). - The Overlooked, Mystical Scheme of the Zodiac as Shown by - The Nakshatra Deities and their Stories and How Knowing This Automatically Elevates The Frame of Your Vedic Astrology Practice. - Important Differences in the Nature and Family of Each Deity and - The Mind-blowing Conclusions The MUST be Drawn From These Differences. - The Most Important “Magic Bullets” for Each Nakshatra When You Are Working with Clients and Extracting The Hidden “Soul-Nectar” from the Chart. - The Connection of Each Nakshatra to the Sign(s). Learning This Will Add 10-Fold Power to Your Understanding of Astrology Signs. - Nakshatras and Their connection to The Exaltation and Debilitation Point. FOR EXAMPLE: ~ For Cancer - Punarvasu Nakshatra is the section of Cancer inspired to give birth and create life. Pushya is the section of Cancer directly related to motherhood and feeding a baby. Aslesha is the section of cancer trying to connect more deeply to heart - beyond attachment to desire.
The Big Skinny
Each day the Moon moves 13:20 minutes of ecliptic longitude - the mean length of each Nakshatra. The ancients realized that tracking the daily movement of the Moon was the best way to get the "flavor" of each day.Hard Fact,
Problem and Solution: If you are not using Nakshatras then you are not doing Vedic astrology. But they are confusing. They refer to Deities from the Vedas and many other confusing things that are not intuitive -plus THERE ARE 27 OF THEM!! In this course I break down the most important qualities of each Nakshatra - as well as the overall Nakshatra scheme and the "Story of Creation" playing out in the Sky.
Nakshatras Master Course Description
Each Nakshatra Described
I describe the important myths and deities and symbols of every Nakshatra - and the main things you need to know in order to understand how to use them in chart analysis
Nakshatra Scheme
How to understand the Nakshtras as they are related to each other and the "Story Arc of Creation" and Life on earth.
A Master Class is a class where it is just me teaching, without interruption and / or distracting questions.This format usually yields the highest benefit - but you should take a lot of notes.Lifetime Access: You can refer to this material for the rest of your life.

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  1. Great course, as always!


    I’ve been studying Vedic Astrology for years and I’ve never heard the Nakshatras taught in this way! Up to this point it’s all been just fragmented characteristics of stars. Sam teaches the Nakshatras as a cohesive story across the zodiac through the lens of science as well as through the Soul’s journey. Watching the Nakshatras unfold in this way makes it so much easier to “connect the dots”. Thank you Sam!

  2. Will change how you see everything


    In this course, Sam talks about each Nakshatra in-depth as a metaphor for the creation of the universe as well as the evolutionary development of the soul. But first, he connects the whole schema to a very persuasive discussion on the role of deity worship and how to work with the symbols to support your spiritual growth. Previously, the Nakshatras were like a black box in my understanding of astrology, but this course really opened my eyes and greatly improved my understanding of the Zodiac.

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