Learn to asses psychological motivation by evaluating the Moon.

Understanding the moon is what allows us to understand the heart of our clients, and ourselves. Even though the moon is typically said to rule “the emotions”, that is just on the surface. Unfortunately, most of us live on the surface of our mind – riding up and down on the waves of emotion rather than sinking deeper, into the heart of truth within us. The “moon yogas” technique uses a very scientific approach, relevant for Western or Vedic astrology, which assesses planets in spatial relationship to the moon. Learning this allows us to know for certain the psychological patterning and process, as well as those things that give consistent support. How the Moon Works The moon is how we receive, feel and integrate life’s experiences. Planets before the moon condition us to receive. Planet with the moon are joined our emotions in real time. Plants after the moon help us integrate our emotions. Besides this process, there are planets angular to the moon which offer enduring support. Planets in the fourth house from the moon bring an introspective quality. Planets in the seventh house from the moon show support from others, especially partners. Planets in the 10th house from the moon show support through handling our duties and responsibilities. This is a very subtle, yet elegant and universal technique from the heart of Vedic astrology. It is steeped in the wisdom of yoga and universal principles of body, mind and spirit. Those concepts transcend systems, cultures and the techniques based on them. Knowing this technique allows you to dive deeply into the psychological reality of your partners, your clients and yourself. If you want to learn this simple and effective technique for understanding the heart and mind of yourself and your clients.. Buy the DVD course below. Those who attended in real time paid more than 100USD for the course, so I am not going to offer this at a discount for very long, before the price goes up to 125.00 (which is also worth the price). In the Moon Yogas Course You’ll See and Learn:
  • The concept of “astrological flow” and how it shows the soul’s evolution in the actions we take.
  • The hidden secrets and power behind the South Indian astrology chart.
  • The truth behind Chakras as shown astrologically, and in the masculine/feminine expression of each planet.
  • The energetic trade-offs that come with “emotional support”.
  • How to see a person’s deepest emotional biases.
  • One specific condition of the moon that could make you borderline crazy or a full-fledged saint
  • Why it’s absolutely crucial that you understand the “pot of water on the stove” principle.
  • The most important sources of strengths for the moon.
  • One case study where a deeply debilitated Moon is revealed to show enormous strength and success and specifically why.
  • One case study of a Saturn/Moon influence that tortured the student for years until they finally made the positive change indicated.
  • One case study that reveals very important principles about Jupiter and Venus. Many instances of me making one accurate statement after the next using these techniques and the power of vedic astrology.
  • “Graha Drishti” (special Vedic planetary aspects) discussed.
  • Much, much more.

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