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    • Audio and Manuals 00:00:00
    • San Diego Day 1 00:00:00
    • San Diego Day 2 00:00:00
    • San Diego Day 3 00:00:00
    • Questions and Class Teaching Templates 00:00:00
    • Chart Reading and Teaching Exam 24 hours

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  1. Change Your Way of Thinking!


    I attended more than a dozen of Sadasiva’s courses and I know that his way of teaching can change your life. ‘Level 1’ is the real root knowledge of Jyotish and this course, ‘Reading, Consultation&Teaching Intensive’ is designed to give the most integrative and precise information one can ever achieve, with all the tactics and useful strategies generously forwarded by Sadasiva.
    It was, as always, an excellent experience overall.

  2. Brilliant


    After taking level 1 certification, it was fantastic to really apply the knowledge real-time with a group of like minded professionals. Sam’s approach to teaching allows even the novice to quickly understand the basic principles and unlock ways of truly helping people understand the beauty of astrology.

  3. Clarity


    I know I will be studying Jyotish for the rest of my life, so these intensives really give me the focus and repetition I need to retain all of this content and do so methodologically. Sam’s a master, and doing this course up close and personal with him gave me the clarity and confidence I need to begin teaching this sacred science that I love so much.

  4. Ready to Teach


    I’ve been a student of Sam’s for almost 5 years now and after taking this course I’m feeling confident that I can teach this material at a high level and share the light of Jyotish with the world.

  5. Grateful for the Great Work Sam


    This is a clear and wonderful opportunity for me, and many of us, to really become active in the world with Jyotish. I feel the gratitude for all your years of work and diligence, obviously those things are easier when you are truly passionate about it as you mentioned. Also thankful for the Vedic people themselves for holding on to this science in such a high standard and also putting in the work to teach it to us who speak a different language and belong to a different world history and culture.

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