Cancer Cycle – Dark Psychic Forces – Racism and Redemption

Cancer Cycle – Dark Psychic Forces – Racism and Redemption

New moons are trying to recalibrate and start a new cycle. This current new moon is following the recent eclipse cycle, which happened in Gemini. It’s been a very transformative month, with many informational disclosures and the need to adjust our mind and emotions to those disclosures. Culturally, politically and personally the season has been ripe to get a new message and think with more intelligence and discrimination as a result.

Nodal Axis Rahu in Gemini and Saturn/Ketu in Sagittarius:
Saturn / Ketu in Sagittarius being exposed by Rahu in Gemini. We are now seeing facts and truth revealed (Gemini) that is exposing the dark forces we have been following (Sagittarius). Recent disclosures, from the Muelller report (which was both definitive and disappointing) to the recent racially charged rhetoric from the president of the United States are revealing. These are situations that should be compelling us to change our views and be more connected to others and our own heart.  

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio:
We have been reflecting on what inspires us – and trending toward a darker view. We have been triggered by our fears and potentially manipulated by them. Now, as Jupiter prepares to go direct, it is time to move forward with hope, after reflecting on the darkness. Showing up with greater compassion and service and aligned with our teachings is important now.  

The New Moon in Cancer:
Now we are seeing the need to connect to something deeper than all of the ideas in the world that define your life. The real lesson is to connect with something more devotional and less emotional. It’s really a time to find a deeper, hidden compassion. This is sometimes hard to embody

August 1, 2019

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