Bharani – Bearing, Enduring/The Bearers

The second Nakshatra is called Bharani. Bharani is in Aries and comes after Ashwini. Ashwini is from 0-13:19 and Bharani is 13:20-26:39.

Deity: Yama (God of the Soul’s course)

Sign(s)/Degrees: 13:20 – 26:39 Aries

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: Female sexual organ

Story: Bharani is ruled by the god called Yama who is the god of death and who shows up at the end of life to take the soul where it is suppose to go.

Yama is not necessarily the one who kills you, he is the one who shows up and takes the soul where it is suppose to go. Those who have not lived the powerful life fear Yama because Yama is going to take them to the difficult realms, but those who have lived a great life are not worried about seeing Yama.

The symbol of Bharani Nakshatra is the female reproductive tract — the uterus, tubes, all of that which creates life. The previous Nakshatra of Ashwini is where our will penetrates into existence. That penetration of will produces a result, one way or the other, and that result is shown in Bharani and we have to bear the result. This is why Bharani comes from the same word as bear which means to bear the fruits of our actions. Many times it is met with some kind of restriction and feeling of being restricted and held back. That is also what Yama means, it means restraint. We need to exercise and learn restraint in this Nakshatra.

If someone has planets in Bharani, they are going to feel restraint, be aware of consequences and very held in and boxed in by consequences. They might not be spontaneous and might feel like if you do something to them, then they need to do that to you. There might be a certain quality of punishment and stress involved around those things, feeling like they need to balance the scales.

Saturn’s brother was Yama so this quality of bearing the fruits of our actions comes after Ashwini where we are quite impulsive. The way to learn to be not as impulsive is to have to bear the consequences of our actions. It often comes in the form of punishment. Planets in Bharani have this awareness of there are consequences to make and consequences to our actions so we need to be careful.

The symbol is that reproductive organ where our will penetrates just like the masculine energy. The will or action in life penetrates existence which is analogous to a man penetrating a woman. This is a creative force which is going to create something. Everything we do creates something.

In Bharani, we need to bear the results of our actions.

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