Ashwini – Power of the Horses, The Horsemen

The first Nakshatra is Ashwini and it is at the very beginning of the sign, Aries. Ashwini literally means “the horsemen / horsewomen” and it is related to horses and the vitality that is seen in horses. Horses are symbol of vital energy and vitality, also called Prana in Vedic thinking.

Prana is the life force pulsing through our body and mind that needs to be harnessed properly. This is one of the big challenges of Ashwini, it can be very focused on getting to the goal or somewhere quickly, or just get anywhere really quickly without being focused. It is that kind of ‘act first, think later’ quality of Aries. However, when the energy is directed, there is an enormous amount of drive, courage and unstoppable enthusiasm with Ashwini.

Ashwini – Power of the Horses, The Horsemen – Video

Deity: Ashwins (Physicians of the Gods)

Sign(s)/Degrees: 0:00 – 13:19 Aries

Ruler: Ketu


Story: The deities, the Ashwin Kumars, were gifts of the Sun and his wife to the Earth after the Sun and his wife, Sanjna (consciousness), had a little falling out. Because the Sun was so bright, Sanjna brought her twin sister in for a while to get away from the heat of the Sun. The Sun did not even notice and actually wind up fathering a couple of children. When the wife came back, she did not like what happened and she ran away. Then the Sun ran after her so she disguised herself as a horse. The Sun found her and turned into a horse, they have made beautiful horse love and the offspring was Ashwin Kumars, the twin horses.

When the Sun and his wife were done, they left the Ashwin Kumars here on Earth to be the physicians and bring that great healing medicine. It is said that they are the progenitors of things like Aryuveda and healing medicine.

Horses are symbol of Prana, breath and vitality. Often you‘ll see in Vedic text that the mind itself is compared to a wild horse and that it needs to be tamed and harnessed properly, otherwise, we just disperse all of our energy and scatter it. Those twin horses show that impulsive nature of Aries as well that need to be harnessed and focused.

Any planets in Ashwini will take on that quality of enthusiasm, vigor and drive toward the goal.

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