Ardra – Moist

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Ardra comes right in the middle of Gemini from 6:40 until 19:59. It is ruled by Rudra who is the earliest form Lord Shiva. This is also right on the plane of the galaxy, the galactic plane runs along this section.

Ardra Nakshatra – Moist – Video


Deity: Rudra

Sign(s)/Degrees: 6:40 – 19:59 Gemini

Ruler: Rahu

Symbol: Teardrop/gem

Story: Ardra is a very transformative Nakshatra as shown by Rudra and Shiva energy. It transforms, changes and destroys that which is not in accordance with the Dharma, righteousness and truth.

This is the continuation of the story of Prajapati who wanted to procreate with his daughter in order to populate and create a universe. She flees and Prajapati pursues in Mrigashira, then in Ardra, all of the demigods put together their most fierce qualities and created one tough deity called Rudra. Rudra would be strong enough to bring down Prajapati and stop him from committing his sin as they saw it. That is what happens in Ardra. Lord Rudra draws his bow and shoots Brahma and brings Brahma down in the form of the deer.

There are other stories related with Ardra, Rudra and Shiva and some have to do with his sacrifice. The King Daksha sacrifice also has to do with these qualities of that same story.

Ardra is the Nakshatra of change, swift action, transformation and destruction. Planets in Ardra have that quality of fighting for righteousness and truth. But be careful because you might be making a mistake just like in the story. They were hunting Brahma because they thought his motives were impure. They brought him down but they actually did not understand the whole story behind it all. That is the story of the creation that we have.

Ardra Nakshatra is where Lord Shiva lives. He is the god of change and destruction of the old around themes of righteousness. It exists in the sign of Gemini which is about ideas and challenging authority. It is opposite Sagittarius where someone would just believe in something. In Gemini, Shiva does not immediately believe in things. This kind of fierce rebellion is in Ardra and it is right along the galactic plane.

Any planets in Ardra Nakshatra have that quality of transformation, righteousness and defending the truth.

October 31, 2018

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