2019 Astrology Forecast – A Quick Overview

Here is a quick over view of the upcoming year. In it I discuss

  • January 5-6 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Purva Ashada Nakstra
  • March 13 – May 8 Jupiter Jyeshta/Mula Gandantha
  • March 23 Rahu moves into Gemini and Ketu into Sagittarius
  • April 10 – October 16 Saturn and Ketu exact conjunction within 2 degrees
  • June 8 – June 15 Mars/Rahu exaclty opposite Sa/Ke
  • July 2 – Solar eclipse in Gemini
    Ardra Nakshatra
  • November 4 – Jupiter enters Sagittarius
  • December 26 – Solar eclipse in Sagittarius – Mula

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December 24, 2018

2 responses on "2019 Astrology Forecast - A Quick Overview"

  1. Very informative

  2. Want to know about my career,job and finances.My dob 18.12.1974,4.45 pm,ludhiana,punjab India.

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