What can you learn from an astrology reading

A. What is the astrologer’s worldview?

This is one of the most important parts of any astrology reading. What does the astrologer actually believe? What is his or her worldview?

Of course, everything the astrologer says will follow this worldview. Does the astrologer think that life is a series of “punishments and rewards”? This is very consistent with a Judeo-Christian worldview. Of course, many of us in the West think this way. But unfortunately, Indian astrology and Indian culture does not.

Karma/Indian thinking is an entirely different framework than the Judeo-Christian model. It shows how the results of our actions, from many previous lifetimes and in this lifetime, shows a level of awareness and consciousness we have around all life lessons – and the evolving spirituality behind it all.

B. How does the universe work, in general

  • How Much is our Karma and How Much is Destiny
  • Will astrology predict your future / be empowering or disempowering?

C. Your general nature (who are you as a separate person)

  • Nature in relationships
  • Nature in work
  • Nature from your family
  • This particular moment in time

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