Vedic Astrology Signs: Virgo

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Virgo is ruled by Mercury, reflecting upon the details.  Mercury is the planet that makes us aware of the details in life.  The internal quality — the psychological reflective quality of Mercury — is expressed through the sign of Virgo.  This means we internalize and ponder the many things that we must organize.  At times, this makes a Virgo person worried about all that must be managed, including themselves.  Virgo must be careful about the feeling that “it’s totally up to them”.  And they must learn to trust the bigger picture and that things will work out, and things are working out, in a larger sense, in spite of their efforts.

A Virgo person feels responsible for themselves and their own sense of growth.  This makes them accountable, but also, a bit anal in their approach.  They have a hard time delegating tasks to others, as they feel like they are the experts.

The ruling planet, Mercury, is also the ruler of the tenth house of career and responsibility.  This is another indicator of how responsible the Virgo person is.  They need to learn to develop more of the traits of Pisces, which has a sort of “let-it-all-hang-out” attitude.

Another good quality of Virgo as it relates to Mercury, is Virgo is serious, a “Tamasic” sign, which means it’s focused on managing difficulty and trouble.  So the playful nature of Mercury becomes much more serious in this sign, because it’s worried about all the many details.  What if one of the details gets by us?  That may be the one that really does us in.  So Virgo needs to lighten up, not worry so much about all the things that need to be done and all the things that need to be put in their place.

Virgo may have a weak physical constitution, as the Sun rules the 12th house. This requires they manage themselves, the diet, their health routines.  This is why they can worry. They often have this weak constitution.  So learning how to relax into larger themes and trusting that things will work out, is a big life lesson for Virgo.

The reflective nature of Mercury brings about an integration of the details in the world and a desire to manage them and organize them in the best, most efficient possible manner.  Mercury is actually exalted in this sign because it slows down his speed and also makes him concentrate on things that are important and serious, rather than just enjoyable and fun.

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