Vedic Astrology Signs: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the Sign expressing the masculine nature of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, hope, wealth and all sort of growth. Through Sagittarius, Jupiter expresses himself into the world. You will notice a Sagittarius person because they’re often optimistic, perhaps even cheerful, in spite of difficulty. They tend to focus on the larger picture, on the larger meaning and on things that are bigger than just what makes them happy (or sad) in the moment. However, many times a Sagittarius person will miss the moment entirely because they are preoccupied with some big idea or big hope that is disconnected from the moment.

Many times, due to the nature of Jupiter, they try to rise above a situation, in their heart and mind, as a way to avoid facing it. Sometimes years after a difficult situation has existed, a Sagittarius gets a rude awakening when someone leaves them or some situation that has been in disrepair suddenly fails. Even though the Sagittarius may have known this the entire time, they choose to look at the bigger picture, look at the bright side, and explain the difficulty away with some philosophy. Of course, they may also do this with people in real time. Rather than deal with the unpleasant emotions and the drudgery of working through difficulties with people, a Sagittarian will often explain it away with their big philosophy, a sort of laissez faire attitude that dismisses the other person as “just not understanding” the real picture or the bigger picture.

But this is also the greatness of Sagittarius: in spite of all setbacks they are great at moving forward with hope and optimism. It’s literally the sign of religion and the unshakable faith that there’s something bigger than just our worldly life, something higher is guiding our sense of purpose. This comes from Jupiter and becomes activated through the fiery quality of Sagittarius. Their sense of meaning and principal is admirable; this makes them excellent teachers and guides and parents and advocates for truth, such as lawyers or public defenders or any other type of activity that seeks to bring righteousness into the world. But they need to balance that righteousness / high-mindedness with a practical down-to-earth nature. Rather than rising above people and situations, they also need to get down and process things on a micro level.

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