Vedic Astrology Signs: Leo

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Like the sun, a Leo expresses a radiant and powerful personality.  They’re very aware of their individual strengths and wants, to express that in everything they do.  They are also very aware of other people’s strengths and power and would like to help them feel strong as well.  Unfortunately, Leo often, in their enthusiasm, will start advising others about how they could be more powerful.  Many times, this will make the Leo person appear boastful or conceited, when in fact, they’re usually just trying to be helpful.  A Leo person must be careful about overstepping their boundaries in this way.

Leo is the sign of the king and they must remember to be generous, like a good king.  A bad king will take all of the wealth of the kingdom for himself, and may even invade other people’s kingdoms.  This is the way Leo can be at times also.  They must not invade other people’s kingdoms by giving unwanted advice and criticism, and they also must make sure to share the wealth of their power with others, rather than seek the power of others in the form of approval and admiration.  This is the lower Leo nature which mistakes their personality for their true strengths.

Leo rules the stomach, which is the place of satisfaction and contentment when we feel full of life in a healthy way.  A sense of dignity pervades the sign as well, as the sun is very dignified, as a king would be.  The sun and Leo is not usually prone to a lot of anger and hostility, rather, the nature of the sun, as it expresses itself through Leo, is to be more of a tyrant and dictator when in anger.  The king will just dismiss you, whereas Mars would fight with you.  Leo must learn to use the power they have to be generous, rather than to exploit others and to dominate them.  Power struggles are the downfall of Leo, so they must learn to empower others, rather than to compete with them in useless power struggles.

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