Vedic Astrology Signs: Gemini

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Gemini is the masculine of a nature of Mercury.  This is where Mercury expresses himself externally in the world.  Mercury is the planet of communication, ideas, flexibility, variety, and through the sign of Gemini Mercury acts with a lot of skill and initiates these attributes into the world.  Gemini is a very communicative sign. They like to speak, but not only words, they’re very creative and self expressive in many ways.

Mercury is a very creative planet.  He is the one who likes to put things together and play with them and build them and try anything, as anything is possible, and so a Gemini person will try many things because they enjoy them and this is a big issue with the Gemini is the sense of enjoyment that comes from just exploring their interests.

The Gemini may have many interests but not really develop any of them very well and wind up being that sort of jack of all trades, master of none that is often attributed to them.  This is not always the case though because a Gemini person, once they find something important, will bring enormous amount of skill and creativity to it.

Gemini’s do very well in careers and situations where managing a lot of details and especially speaking skills are favored: such as lecturers and teachers and other professions where the power of words become important.  This also includes sales and other kinds of detail oriented work.  The problem with Gemini is they may just play around and not take things seriously.  They enjoy learning and trying new things a lot more then they enjoy making a commitment to doing something important with them.

The ruling planet, Mercury is debilitated in the 10th house.  This shows a sort of aversion to responsibility and pressure that can make the Gemini person just want to stay immature and foolish and not step up and be powerful and accounted for.  Gemini rules the area of the body that is related to the neck, shoulders, hands, and arms.  It is where we turn our head from side to side and consider many options rather than just the things in front of us.  Also, when we see these options we want to reach out and grab a hold of something and start playing with it and figuring out what it means to us.  So this curious playful approach to life comes from Gemini.  It has a lot to do with children and their curious nature.

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