Vedic Astrology Signs: Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, expressing his feminine nature.  So, the reflective quality of Saturn is what Capricorn refers to.  Saturn is a planet of time in our determined efforts over time.  The awareness that we need to be safe and protected into the future comes from Saturn.  We not only need to eat food today, or need a place to sleep today.  We need a place to sleep and food to eat tomorrow and for the rest of our life.  This awareness comes from Saturn.  It’s also the awareness of the past and what has happened to us, and how we may hang onto the past and have it dominate our thinking in the present.

The enormity of time keeping us stuck or keeping us moving forward is the nature of Saturn and through Capricorn, we reflect upon this.  We seal it in our mind and heart.  The Capricorn is always a little bit scared of making mistakes, yet they are very calculating and rational about where they’re going and where that they must build something of importance.  Capricorn is an earth sign which is related to structure and materiality.  Saturn also rules the second house of wealth and resources from Capricorn.  So, a Capricorn person may be a little bit greedy at times.  They may also tend to see others through this material bent.  They want everything to be useful and practical and Rational, and may also look at people in their lives as Commodities.  So, a Capricorn person must be careful about now looking at others in a materialistic way, once they say “your my partner”, or “you are my child” or “you are my employee”, then, they have a stake in your outcome and this can create a certain amount of domination, fear and control.

Capricorn needs to be less rational and more connected to their feelings and emotions.  Capricorn inherently is afraid of these emotions, because if we start acting emotionally, rather than rationally, we could lose everything.  Because, when we start acting emotionally, we are not in control anymore.  We’re not in control of time, we’re not in control of structure.  The emotions are ruled by water and water dissolves earth.

Capricorn needs to balance this rational approach with a more emotional approach.  Things related to the sign of cancer, which has to do with selfless love and nurturing.  But in general, Capricorn is a hard working sign that is good with their family, they’re good providers with a strong ethical foundation.  They must be careful about clinging to those principals and values out of fear, and learn to be more in flow with their heart.

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