Vedic Astrology Signs: Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It shows the masculine nature of Mars – expressing himself in an external, aggressive way. By aggressive, it doesn’t mean that they are always aggressive personally or emotionally, but their way of life is very assertive and initiating. As being the masculine expression of Mars, an Aries person will like to take on a lot of external challenges, they can be quite competitive, not just in sports and in activities but in conversation and just in life in general. This enthusiasm for life and lust for life is very important to their growth process.

The real power of Aries is that childlike enthusiasm that no matter what happens, they can bounce back and pick it up again with a lot of zest and enthusiasm, quite incredible. Their ruling planet, Mars, also rules the eighth house of ups and downs, breaks and changes, sudden catastrophes and the Aries person is conditioned to see life this way and realize their enthusiasm is going to create some stress but that’s just the way it goes.

The motto of the Aries may be if you want to make an omelette, you got to break some eggs and they are always looking to make omelettes of some sort and breaking a lot of eggs in the process. Aries must learn to cultivate more patience, learn to deal with people a little bit better and integrate things that are related to the sign of Libra, which has to do with a little more manners and paying attention to others as well. All of the goals that Aries wants to achieve and all the enthusiasm that they are bringing into the world meets with resistance when they act with autonomy and act like a dictator so integrating the qualities of Libra is very important for an Aries person. Once they do this, then they are naturally enthusiastic and passionate nature will become blended with a sense of appreciation for others and the bigger picture, rather than just winning all the time.

Aries rules the head, the body part of the head, which shows they are always following their inspiration that they can be a little bit stuck in their head, however. It is hard for them to feel into situations. They can be disconnected from their heart for this reason. So instead of the Aries always following their head, they need to drop into a more sensitive approach to life and combine that with their naturally enthusiastic and powerful nature.

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