Vedic Astrology Forecast – Week of September 7

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Vedic Astrology Forecast – Week of September 7

The moon goes through Cancer and Leo this week, in anticipation of the Solar eclipse on September 13 – in Leo. The Sun, Moon and Earth lining up in 3D space only happens for a few hours each year.

Vedic Astrology Forecast – Week of September 7 – VIDEO

New Moon in Cancer Aslesha NakshatraArticle, continued:
When this happens it opens a portal into the invisible energies of life – that include Time (past and future), Karma, etc. – and other structures that limit our typical day to day functioning. This gives enormous potential for ingenuity and accelerated perceptions. But it also exposes our weaknesses in these areas. I will discuss the Eclipse in more depth later this week.

Venus Stationary Direct – No Longer Retrograde
Has your love life / relationships with all people transformed (hopefully evolved?) over the last couple of months?
Were you at times painfully aware of ways you need to grow / value others, their choices, as much as you want to be valued?
Since June 21 you may have been re-working this process.. re-visiting past relationships and/or patterns in them. The wise among us should expect some major clearing, insight and wisdom to emerge between now and October 9 (when Venus clears the retrograde shadow).

Jupiter CombustionScreenshot_9_7_15_2_48_PM
For the last several weeks Jupiter has been on the opposite side of the Sun, called combust. When this happens the rays of Jupiter has to pass through the rays of the Sun (Ancient Western astrology calls combustion “Lost in the Rays” – of the Sun). This has a purifying quality, but it is a purifying which may comes after some aggression and frustration with the nature of the planet. In the case of Jupiter, our teachings and teachers are being purified, but we may be battling with them as a result – to prove to ourselves that they are worthy.

Mars Debilitated (with Venus)
Mars continues to be debilitated, in Cancer where we are often struggling to stay disciplined. We may be lacking the power to sacrifice for our principles now, especially with the temptations of Venus alluring us into more comfort and short term pleasure. Often, once Mars leaves Cancer (and enters Leo where he is strong), certain comforts from the Cancer transit get sacrificed. Notice any sloppy habits that have formed or Reformed the last month and a half,.. with eating, sleeping, people, etc.

Mercury Exalted in Virgo w/ Rahu
There is a high capacity for discrimination and seeing through confusing details now – and for the next couple of months – as Mercury will be in Virgo for quite a while. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, where we introspect on details and take them seriously. He is joined Rahi now, the planet of transforming confusion into genius thinking.

September 8, 2015
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