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The Moon in Childhood - Your Shattered Innocence

January 02,2021 / News / 2 Comments

The little guy in this picture is me. Isn't it crazy that our body changes so drastically? I...

2020 Election Prediction - Trump or Biden

November 01,2020 / News / 0 Comments

2020 Election Prediction - Trump or Biden It takes a lot longer to write these things out, but...

The Guru is Within

August 05,2020 / News / 1 Comments

I am a devotee of the Indian hugging Saint known affectionately as Amma, or more formally as Mata...

Get 8 of My Most Popular Courses - Huge Discount

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3D Relationships - Moon Yogas -  Nakshatras - Retrograde Planets - Yoga and Vedic Astrology -...