Get Certified – Be an Astrologer – The Sky’s The Limit

“In Less Than 1 Year You Can Be Certified in Vedic Astrology, Without Leaving Your Home or Spending a Fortune – GUARANTEED.

You Will Have Sam Geppi With You Every Step of the Way in This Transformative, Life Changing Course”.

“Instead of wasting more precious time and life, join the hundreds of others who have taken the next step and learned this transformative life science, as instructed by the ancient masters”. 
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You are Meant to Know Astrology: “The one, who knows of all these, will become versed in the knowledge of the past, present and future. Without a knowledge of Jyotish these cannot be known. Hence, everyone should have a knowledge of Jyotish, particularly the Brahmin”  – Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra

The P5 Certification Course Will Teach You:

  • How to stop playing the victim and instead stay on purpose in your life and transform your wavering self-esteem and self-respect into consistent confidence. Once you learn this you will be unstoppable in all of your life goals. It is all a matter of staying on purpose. (Week 5)


  • How to ward off the tendency for passive aggression and childish behavior. This is crucial in learning to connect a greater empathy and compassion, rather than being overwhelmed by toxic emotions. This includes toxic emotional entanglements with others. (Week 5)


  • Invaluable information on managing anger so it doesn’t destroy your life and connections. You are meant to burn your karma in the fire of anger. But instead you may burn up your good graces. Learn the evolutionary process of how anger becomes discipline, making you fearless in all situations. (Week 6)


  • The most important key in unlocking the hidden power of the intellect, so rather than being overwhelmed by details you are the master of them. Astrology is the great science of the intellect. The first step is learning astrology properly, so I commend you for making a commitment to this course.. (Week 7)


  • The simple, but invaluable difference that allows you know for sure how a planet will feel versus what it will produce. This trips up most astrologers (and it is not even that hard to see). This is the source of so much “bad” astrology. Meaning, how a planet feels (it’s gentle or cruel nature) has nothing to do with how much  benefit or loss. (Jagraad Avasthas Class)


  • How to know whether Rahu and Ketu are going to be disruptive forces, or incredibly liberating ones. Most astrologers have no idea how to predict what the nodes will actually do, but you will after this class. It is utterly crucial to understand these transformative forces. You can do entire readings just on the lunar nodes. (Nodes Class)


  • How to evolve your relationships. This is one of the reasons you suffer the most in life. Mastering this yourself will allow you to see the type of suffering each individual will have. Then you can help them as well. The choices you face between the desire for personal happiness, compromise with others and your higher life’s purpose is never-ending and a big reason you are here at all. (Weeks 8-9)


  • How “having an open mind/being neutral” can be both a blessing and a curse. It gives you an open mind, but may also leaves you open to impure influences. Connecting your natural curiosity with the mind of God. Examining the choices you face between openness and single-minded focus will be ripped apart and reorganized. (Weeks 7-8)


  • How to exist in a powerful solitude, rather than feeling lonely and at the mercy of others, brooding over those who have hurt you in the past. Instead of carrying around your wounds and projecting them onto others, or fearfully avoiding “button pushing” situations, you can travel lightly. This is important, otherwise at the end of your life you will be bitter and resentful, rather than gracious, spacious, complete and ready to surrender. (Week 10)


  • So much more, from learning the real reason why you create enemies and its hidden connection to your career, to why certain astrology signs move a certain way, and even look a certain way, to the very technical yet easy system of Yogas based on ruler ships, to knowing exactly what to focus on and when so you’re not constantly confused and just smashing everything together. (Weeks 7-8)