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Retrograde and Combust Planets 80/20
Course Updated to Include Combustion and Greater Detail.
*note: If you cannot attend the class live, do not worry. You can watch the classes at your leisure, then come to the “Q&A” the following Saturday, October 15
Should I Stay or Should I Go? 
It’s important to see retrograde and combustion as two aspects of the same coin.
This is what we’re going to explore in this weekend course.
When I taught the very comprehensive course on retrograde planets 10 years ago, I was focused on retrograde only. But now I will bring out greater complexity to this issue.

Retrograde has a similar feel to the lunar nodes, where we feel stuck in certain patterns, and we may repeat them over and over again like we are stuck in a revolving door.
Combustion is opposite, where we lack patience and are ready to cut and run very quickly.

But of course that’s just on the surface. the karma and the psychology behind each condition is as important or more important than making an accurate prediction about what the person will do.

As always, the “Why” is just as important as the “What”.

We will explore both, as they are incredibly important , empowering, and at times devastating – but in completely different ways, empowering and interrupting in an opposite directions.

I will have an entire section on practical remedies and ways to get unstuck from the retrograde and have MORE PATIENCE with the Combust planet. 
You should develop this skill for yourself and to help others. 
You Will Learn:
  • Astronomy of the planets as seen from earth. Speed and proximity are key.
  • The strength in the reflecting and “re-doing”, and what the soul is learning, specifically.
  • The “purification” that comes from our frustrations and why we cut and run. 
  • All planets under the retrograde condition. (Focused for each of the 12 Ascendants)
  • All planets under the combust condition. (Focused for each of the 12 Ascendants)
  • Learn how to do a consultation JUST on retrograde and combust. 🔥
  • The 80/20 to trim the fat and show the most important factors
  • Compress decades into days for you. My years of experience cuts through.
  • Certification – Retrograde and Combustion through my School, the CRED!
  • BONUS Q&A Class – so you get all of your questions answered.
  • YOUR CHART – RETRO AND COMBUSTION? Understand it now.
  • Beyond the weird and crazy “explanations”. Learn it – Be Better
Retrograde and Combust Stories
Why am I teaching a course on the “Retrograde and Combust? Don’t I already have a “Retrograde Course? 

Yes, I taught a six-hour class on retrograde planets about 10 years ago. it was the most comprehensive course on retrograde planets. It is a bonus when you buy this course.

  • But I did not include “Combustion” at all.
  • I also did not explain the intense astronomy, thus it was not as integrated as this course.
  • After 10 years, I have learned a lot more about these things, and also how to teach them.

This will be a different experience, for students.
More enthusiasm, other teachers, and just a general Improvement over the previous class experience, which was me talking by myself with a screen capture video.

In this course you are getting:

  • 10 hours (or more) of teaching
  • the detailed manuals
  • lifetime access to it all
  • bonus classes
  • and a lot more (other teacher, feedback, etc)
  • only $47.
  • It’s rather ridiculous!
There are many “upgrade” to this Retrograde course. In fact, it is hardly the same subject that was covered years ago. 
Retrograde Shadow

Every retrograde cycle traces the same area of space 3 times.
EX: Mars will cover 14:00 Taurus – 1:20 Gemini for 6 months


In the course you will learn:

  • Retrograde in great depth
  • Combustion in great depth
  • Case Studies
  • Astronomy behind it all
  • Deeper psychology behind Retrograde and Combustion.
  • Retrograde keeps us stuck in confusing cycles (Rahu-like) over and over – addictions, etc. – in our career, relationships and more
  • Combustion brings up flash points of aggravation, shame, hidden patterns and behaviors (Ketu-like) and embarrassment.
  • The gender nature of the planets also are revealed and confused (Retrograde) and purified (Combustion).
  • The difference between analyzing these things in a natal chart and in the sky. Both personal and Cultural.  

Because we are so used to seeing things on our screen now, and it all kind of all looks the same, the REAL VALUE of things gets lost. So, here is the actual value proposition for you.

The actual time and value spent:

  • Class time from the course itself – 10 hours
  • Bonus Class time – 10 hours
  • My prep time of manuals – at least 20 hours
  • Lifetime access – ?? – you can watch it 100 times if you want.
  • Time YOU save – ?? – You do not have to wonder or research or spend 20 years as an astrologer. I squeeze decades into days for you.

If I were to just add up the class time you get, including bonuses, plus my prep time, that would be 40 hours.

You are paying $47, (if you get it at launch time) about a dollar an hour – plus you have lifetime access to this transformative knowledge.

EXTRA Valuable PLUS: I’m going to be teaching you how to do retrograde and combust readings, how to explain and offer suggestions to others. So for students you can actually take this information and add a viable income stream to an existing practice, Etc.

This is no joke. When I have shown this in the past, how to do Nakshatra readings, or Shad bala readings, students have gone on to make real money doing these types of readings. I downplay this part of the education that you can get from me, but I am definitely teaching you a valuable skill that you can use to add an income stream to your offerings. Of course, I am not making ANY promises that you will do that, or take anything I teach you any further. That part is up to you.

I keep these classes a real “no-brainer”.
If those numbers and that value is not good enough for you, then you are just not interested.
For everyone else, go ahead and register.
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Where: Your Home. It is a TeleClass.
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Price – was 147.00
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Pay once – Lifetime Access! 


You wont believe these Amazing Bonuses!

  • Retrograde Planets Course 1 
  • Class “History of Astronomy Through the Ancient World”. 
  • Bonus 2 hour – “Q&A” Follow Up Class 

#1 – Retrograde Master Class – 1 – 6 Hour Course  

$97.00 Value


Where are you stuck, confused and NOT moving forward?
The original course, where I showed every planet for every ascendant in its retrograde condition.

This is the most comprehensive course on retrograde planets I have ever seen. In it I not only break down each planet – and its expected behavior. But I also do it for each ascendant. Because the planet will interrupt based on what the planet rules from each ascendant.

You can finally know once and for all how retrograde planets will act in your chart and in every other chart as well. That includes the planets when they go retrograde in the sky.

In this Advanced Course You will learn: 
1. Each retrograde planet for each ascending sign. So you know the nature of EVERY possible combination. Because you see, for each ascendant the effects of retrograde will be totally different.

~ For Aries, I will discuss Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn – not just in general but as HOUSE RULERS. 
~ For Taurus, I will also discuss the same, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. But due to the house rulerships and relationships the retrograde will have totally different effects, and may even be very supportive.

2. I discuss the effects of the house placement of the retrograde planet AND the nature of what gets produced (or denied) due to the retrograde motion. This is crucial to knowing what the retrograde planet will give.

3. I also discuss the retrograde planets by transit in the sky.

4. I also have several case studies of real live charts.

Retrograde Master Course Description
~ Each Retrograde Planet
~ How each Retrograde planet disrupts as a Karaka – Like Venus and relationships – Jupiter and Children
~ Planet as House ruler
~ The retrograde planet also disrupts based on what it rules
~ Planet by transit
~ The house the planet is transiting gets affected.

A Master Class is a class where it is just me teaching, without interruption and / or distracting questions. This format usually yields the highest benefit – but you should take a lot of notes.

Lifetime Access:
You can refer to this material for the rest of your life.

BONUS #2 – Class “History of Astronomy Through the Ancient World” – 2 Hour Course 

$47.00 Value
I will teach this class LIVE on October 2, 2022 @ 10AM Pacific Time.
Learn about the “Ptolemaic Theory” (still used in astrology today), epicycles, the uniqueness of Indian astronomy and cosmology, the evolution through Persia and the astrolabes, then the European models of Brahe, Copernicus, Galileo and Newton. 
BONUS #3 – “Q & A” Follow Up Class – October 15
$47.00 Value
This “Follow Up” class is more informal where I can teach any followup material and answer any questions students have.
Extremely valuable as it allows me to teach any last ideas to make the course complete, and allows you to digest the material for a week.


Aspects Course – Point by Point and Bonuses
Turn up the volume on this video as I go over the class, point by point.

Price – was 147.00
Only $56.00 – Limited

Pay once – Lifetime Access! 


Time Remaining for This Exclusive Summer Course Special


Sam Geppi has been teaching Vedic astrology full-time since 2004. He is the author of 2 polar books on Vedic Astrology and runs the most successful and popular Vedic astrology school in the world.

I guarantee all of my classes, and I think all teachers should to be honest. So, rest assured.