Panchanga Deep Dive


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Panchanga Deep Dive

Day 1 – Texts, Origin and Astronomical Wisdom

From the timekeeping in the Vedas to Garga and Varahamihra, learn the roots of Vedic Astrology
How the astronomy and calculations coalesce around the 5 aspects of the Panchanga.
How each of the “5 Limbs of time” is shown everyday and in every NATAL CHART.
Which Panchanga limbs are more prominent and why.
Quotes / Passages from Muhurta Chnitamani and Kalaprakashika.
Day 2 – Deeper Dive into the Calculations and their Meaning

Tithis, Pakshas (waxing and waning cycles) Nitya Yoga meanings and more.
Busting myths and fuzziness that exists about “Nakshatra Padas”, “Tithi elements” and other slop that has crept into the teachings, relative to Panchanga.
The Yogic, esoteric, Vedantic implications of the Waxing and Waning Lunar cycle.
Elements and Gunas and the Daily tithi.
Day 3 – Case Studies, Techniques and Application

Tithi Pravesh charts (Annual / Birthday Charts)
Analyzing Panchanga factors in natal charts
Using the Panchanga factors sensibly and in conjunction with Parashari methods
Vara / Tithi / Nakshatra Yogas principles
The modern and sensible application of these principles.


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